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{Proverbs 20:1} Wine 3196 [is] a mocker, 3887 z8801 strong drink 7941 [is] raging: 1993 z8802 and whosoever x3605 is deceived 7686 z8802 thereby is not x3808 wise. 2449 z8799
"Who¹ hath woe?ª who¹ hath sorrow?ª who¹ hath contentions?ª°² who¹ hath babbling?ª who¹ hath woundsª without cause?ª who¹ hath rednessª of eyes?ª ... They have strickenª° me, [shalt thou say, and] I was not¹ sick;ª° they have beatenª° me, [and] I feltª° [it] not:¹ when¹ shall I awake?ª° I will seekª° it yetª° again.¹" {Prv 23:29-35} + "[It is] not¹ for kings,ª O Lemuel,ª [it is] not¹ for kingsª to drinkª° wine;ª nor¹ for²°² princesª° strong drink:ª" {Prv 31:4} + "And he drankª° of¹ the wine,ª and was drunken;ª° and he was uncoveredª° withinª his tent.ª ... And Shemª and Japhethª tookª°¹ a garment,ª and laidª° [it] upon¹ bothª their shoulders,ª and went²°¹ backward,ª and coveredª°¹ the nakednessª of their father;ª and their facesª [were] backward,ª and they sawª° not¹ their father'sª nakedness.ª" {Gen 9:21-23} + "And the firstbornª saidª° unto¹ the younger,ª Our fatherª [is] old,ª° and [there is] not¹ a manª in the earthª to come inª° unto¹ us after the mannerª of all¹ the earth:ª ... Thus were bothª the daughtersª of Lotª with childª° by their father.ª¹" {Gen 19:31-36} + "And Abigailª cameª° to¹ Nabal;ª and, behold,¹ he held a feastª in his house,ª like the feastª of a king;ª and Nabal'sª heartª [was] merryª within¹ him, for he¹ [was] veryª¹ drunken:ª wherefore she toldª° him nothing,ª¹ lessª or more,ª until¹ the morningª light.ª ... And it came to pass¹ about tenª daysª [after], that the LORDª smoteª°¹ Nabal,ª that he died.ª°" {1Sm 25:36-38} + "And when Davidª had calledª° him, he did eatª° and drinkª° beforeª him; and he made him drunk:ª° and at evenª he went outª° to lieª° on his bedª with¹ the servantsª of his lord,ª but went¹ not¹ down²° to¹ his house.ª" {2Sm 11:13} + "Now Absalomª had commandedª°¹ his servants,ª saying,ª° Markª° ye now¹ when Amnon'sª heartª is merry²¹ with wine,ª and when I sayª° unto¹ you, Smiteª°¹ Amnon;ª then killª° him, fearª° not:¹ have not¹ I¹ commandedª° you? be courageous,ª° and be¹ valiant.ªª" {2Sm 13:28} + "And they went outª° at noon.ª But Benhadadª [was] drinkingª° himself drunkª in the pavilions,ª he¹ and the kings,ª the thirtyª and twoª kingsª that helpedª° him. ... And the kingª of Israelª went out,ª° and smoteª°¹ the horsesª and chariots,ª and slewª° the Syriansª with a greatª slaughter.ª" {1Kg 20:16-21} + "But theyª also¹ have erredª° through wine,ª and through strong drinkª are out of the way;ª° the priestª and the prophetª have erredª° through strong drink,ª they are swallowed upª° ofª wine,ª they are out of the wayª° through¹ strong drink;ª they errª° in vision,ª they stumbleª° [in] judgment.ª" {Isa 28:7} + "Whoredomª and wineª and new wineª take awayª° the heart.ª" {Hsa 4:11} + "In the dayª of our kingª the princesª have made [him] sickª° with bottlesª of wine;ª¹ he stretched outª° his handª with¹ scorners.ª°" {Hsa 7:5} + "Woeª unto him that giveth his neighbour² drink,ª°¹ that puttestª° thy bottleª to [him], and makest [him] drunkenª° also,¹ that¹ thou mayest lookª° on¹ their nakedness!ª ... Thou art filledª° with shameª for glory:ª¹ drinkª° thou¹ also,¹ and let thy foreskin be uncovered:ª° the cupª of the LORD'Sª right handª shall be turnedª° unto¹ thee, and shameful spewingª [shall be] on¹ thy glory.ª" {Hab 2:15-16} + "Norª thieves,ª norª covetous,ª norª drunkards,ª norª revilers,ª norª extortioners,ª shall¹ inheritª²° the kingdomª of God.ª" {1Co 6:10} + "Envyings,ª murders,ª drunkenness,ª revellings,ª andª suchª like:ª of the whichª I tell²° you² before,ª°¹ asª I have²° alsoª told [you] in time past,²°¹ thatª they which doª° such thingsª shall²° notª inheritª° the kingdomª of God.ª" {Gal 5:21} + "Andª be²° not² drunkª°¹ with wine,ª whereinªª isª° excess;ª butª be filledª° withª the Spirit;ª" {Eph 5:18}

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