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{Proverbs 19:14} House 1004 and riches 1952 [are] the inheritance 5159 of fathers: 1 and a prudent 7919 z8688 wife 802 [is] from the LORD. 3068 x4480
the inheritance:
"A goodª [man] leaveth an inheritanceª° to his children'sª children:ª and the wealthª of the sinnerª° [is] laid upª° for the just.ª" {Prv 13:22} + "Then it shall be,¹ whenª he maketh¹ his sonsª to inheritª°¹ [that] which¹ he hath,¹ [that] he mayª° not¹ make¹¹ the sonª of the belovedª° firstbornª° beforeª¹ the sonª of the hated,ª° [which is indeed] the firstborn:ª" {Deu 21:16} + "So Joshuaª tookª°¹ the whole¹ land,ª according to all¹ that¹ the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses;ª and Joshuaª gaveª° it for an inheritanceª unto Israelª according to their divisionsª by their tribes.ª And the landª restedª° from war.ª¹" {Jsh 11:23} + "Behold,ª° the third timeª I amª° readyª to comeª° toª you;ª andª I will²° notª be burdensomeª° to you:ª forª I seekª° notª yours,ª butª you:ª forª the¹ childrenª oughtª° notª to lay upª° for the¹ parents,ª butª the¹ parentsª for the¹ children.ª" {2Co 12:14}
and a:
"In all¹ thy waysª acknowledgeª° him, and he¹ shall directª° thy paths.ª" {Prv 3:6} + "[Whoso] findethª° a wifeª findethª° a goodª [thing], and obtainethª° favourª of the LORD.ª¹" {Prv 18:22} + "Who¹ can findª° a virtuousª woman?ª for her priceª [is] farª above rubies.ª¹ ... Giveª° her of the fruitª¹ of her hands;ª and let her own worksª praiseª° her in the gates.ª" {Prv 31:10-31} + "The LORDª Godª of heaven,ª which¹ took¹ me²° from my father's² house,ª¹¹ and from the landª¹ of my kindred,ª and which¹ spakeª° unto me, and that¹ swareª° unto me, saying,ª° Unto thy seedª will I giveª°¹ this¹ land;ª he¹ shall sendª° his angelª before¹ thee,² and thou shalt takeª° a wifeª unto my sonª from thence.¹¹" {Gen 24:7} + "And Isaacª calledª°¹ Jacob,ª and blessedª° him, and chargedª° him, and saidª° unto him, Thou shalt not¹ takeª° a wifeª of the daughtersª¹ of Canaan.ª ... And giveª° thee¹ the blessingª of Abraham,ª to thee, and to thy seedª with¹ thee; that thou mayest inheritª°¹ the landª wherein thou art a stranger,ª which¹ Godª gaveª° unto Abraham.ª" {Gen 28:1-4} + "Everyª goodª giftª andª everyª perfectª giftª isª° from above,ª and cometh downª° fromª the¹ Fatherª of lights,ª withª whomª isª° noª variableness,ª neitherª shadowª of turning.ª" {Jms 1:17}

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