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{Proverbs 17:13} Whoso rewardeth 7725 z8688 evil 7451 for x8478 good, 2896 evil 7451 shall not x3808 depart 4185 z8799 z8675 z8686 from his house. 1004 x4480
"And he saidª° to¹ David,ª Thou¹ [art] more righteousª than¹ I: for¹ thou¹ hast rewardedª° me good,ª whereas I¹ have rewardedª° thee evil.ª" {1Sm 24:17} + "And the Philistinesª followed hard²° upon¹¹ Saulª and upon his sons;ª and the Philistinesª slewª°¹ Jonathan,ª and Abinadab,ª and Malchishua,ª Saul'sª sons.ª ... And the battleª went soreª° against¹ Saul,ª and the archersª°²²¹ hitª° him; and he was soreª woundedª° of the archers.ª°²²¹" {1Sm 31:2-3} + "Then there was¹ a famineª in the daysª of Davidª threeª years,ª yearª afterª year;ª and Davidª enquiredª°¹ of² the LORD.ª And the LORDª answered,ª° [It is] for¹ Saul,ª and for¹ [his] bloodyª house,ª because¹¹ he slewª°¹ the Gibeonites.ª ... And¹ the bonesª of Saulª and Jonathanª his sonª buriedª° they in the countryª of Benjaminª in Zelah,ª in the sepulchreª of Kishª his father:ª and they performedª° all¹ that¹ the kingª commanded.ª° And after² that¹¹ Godª was intreatedª° for the land.ª" {2Sm 21:1-14} + "They rewardedª° me evilª for¹ goodª [to] the spoilingª of my soul.ª" {Psa 35:12} + "They also that renderª° evilª for¹ goodª are mine adversaries;ª° because¹ I followª° [the thing that] goodª [is]." {Psa 38:20} + "For¹ [it was] not¹ an enemyª° [that] reproachedª° me; then I could have borneª° [it]: neither¹ [was it] he that hatedª° me [that] did magnifyª° [himself] against¹ me; then I would have hid²° myself¹ from¹ him: ... Let deathª seizeª°°² upon¹ them, [and] let them go downª° quickª into hell:ª for¹ wickednessª [is] in their dwellings,ª [and] amongª them." {Psa 55:12-15} + "For¹ my loveª they are my adversaries:ª° but I¹ [give myself unto] prayer.ª ... Let his posterityª be¹ cut off;ª° [and] in the generationª followingª let their nameª be blotted out.ª°" {Psa 109:4-13} + "Shall evilª be recompensedª° for¹ good?ª for¹ they have diggedª° a pitª for my soul.ª Rememberª° that I stoodª° beforeª thee to speakª° goodª for¹ them, [and] to turn awayª°¹ thy wrathª from¹ them. ... Therefore¹ deliver upª°¹ their childrenª to the famine,ª and pour outª° their [blood] by¹ the forceª of the sword;ª and let their wivesª be¹ bereaved² of their children,¹ and [be] widows;ª and let their men²¹ be¹ putª° to death;ª [let] their young menª [be] slainª° by the swordª in battle.ª" {Jer 18:20-21} + "Andª he cast downª° the¹ pieces of silverª inª the¹ temple,ª and departed,ª° andª wentª° and hanged¹ himself.²°" {Mtt 27:5} + "Thenª answeredª° allª the¹ people,ª and said,ª° Hisª bloodª [be] onª us,ª andª onª ourª children.²¹" {Mtt 27:25} + "Recompenseª° to no manª evilª forª evil.ª Provideª° things honestª in the sightª of allª men.ª" {Rom 12:17} + "Seeª° that noneªª renderª° evilª forª evilª unto anyª [man]; butª everª followª° that which² is good,ª bothª amongª yourselves,ª andª toª allª [men]." {1Th 5:15} + "Notª renderingª° evilª forª evil,ª orª railingª forª railing:ª butª contrariwiseª blessing;²¹ knowingª° thatª ye are²° thereuntoªª called,ª° thatª ye should inheritª° a blessing.²°¹" {1Pe 3:9}

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