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{Proverbs 17:5} Whoso mocketh 3932 z8802 the poor 7326 z8802 reproacheth 2778 z8765 his Maker: 6213 z8802 [and] he that is glad 8056 at calamities 343 shall not x3808 be unpunished. 5352 z8735
"He that despisethª° his neighbourª sinneth:ª° but he that hath mercy²° on¹ the poor,ª°² happyª [is] he." {Prv 14:21} + "He that oppressethª° the poorª reproachethª° his Maker:ª° but he that honourethª° him hath mercyª° on the poor.ª" {Prv 14:31} + "For¹ the zealª of thine houseª hath eaten me up;ª° and the reproachesª of them that reproachedª° thee are fallenª° upon¹ me." {Psa 69:9} + "Butª whosoªª hathª° this world'sª good,ª andª seethª° his²¹ brotherª haveª° need,ª andª shutteth upª° his²¹ bowelsª [of compassion] fromª him,ª howª dwellethª° the¹ loveª of Godª inª him?ª" {1Jn 3:17}
"Rejoiceª° not¹ when thine enemyª° falleth,ª° and let not¹ thine heartª be gladª° when he stumbleth:ª° ... Lest¹ the LORDª seeª° [it], and it displeaseªª° him, and he turn awayª° his wrathª from¹¹ him." {Prv 24:17-18} + "If¹ I rejoicedª° at the destructionª of him that hatedª° me, or lifted up²° myself¹ when¹ evilª foundª° him:" {Job 31:29} + "As for me, I¹ have not¹ hastenedª° from [being] a pastorª°¹ to followª thee: neither¹ have I desiredª° the woefulª° day;ª thou¹ knowest:ª° that which came¹ out² of¹ my lipsª was¹ [right] beforeª¹ thee.²" {Jer 17:16} + "In the dayª that thou stoodestª° on the other side,¹¹ in the dayª that the strangersª° carried away captiveª° his forces,ª and foreignersª entered²° into¹ his gates,ª and castª° lotsª upon¹ Jerusalem,ª even¹ thou¹ [wast] as oneª of¹ them. ... Thou shouldest not¹ have enteredª° into the gateª of my peopleª in the dayª of their calamity;ª yea,¹ thou¹ shouldest not¹ have lookedª° on their afflictionª in the dayª of their calamity,ª nor¹ have laidª° [hands] on their substanceª in the dayª of their calamity;ª" {Oba 1:11-13} + "For¹ as¹ ye have drunkª° upon¹ my holyª mountain,ª [so] shall all¹ the heathenª drinkª° continually,ª yea, they shall drink,ª° and they shall swallow down,ª° and they shall be¹ as though they had notª been.¹" {Oba 1:16} + "Rejoiceª° withª them that do rejoice,ª° andª weepª° withª them that weep.ª°" {Rom 12:15}
Heb. held innocent, "Every one¹ [that is] proudª in heartª [is] an abominationª to the LORD:ª [though] handª [join] in hand,ª he shall not¹ be unpunished.ª°" {Prv 16:5} *marg.

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