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{Proverbs 16:1} The preparations 4633 of the heart 3820 in man, 120 and the answer 4617 of the tongue, 3956 [is] from the LORD. 3068 x4480
or, disposings, "A man'sª heartª devisethª° his way:ª but the LORDª directethª° his steps.ª" {Prv 16:9} + "[There are] manyª devicesª in a man'sª heart;ª nevertheless the counselª of the LORD,ª that¹ shall stand.ª°" {Prv 19:21} + "Man'sª goingsª [are] of the LORD;ª¹ how¹ can a manª then understandª° his own way?ª" {Prv 20:24} + "The king'sª heartª [is] in the handª of the LORD,ª [as] the riversª of water:ª he turnethª° it whithersoever¹¹¹ he will.ª°" {Prv 21:1} + "And it came to pass,¹ when the captainsª of the chariotsª sawª°¹ Jehoshaphat,ª that they¹ said,ª° It¹ [is] the kingª of Israel.ª Therefore they compassed¹ about²°¹ him to fight:ª° but Jehoshaphatª cried out,ª° and the LORDª helpedª° him; and Godª movedª° them [to depart] from¹ him." {2Ch 18:31} + "Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of our fathers,ª which¹ hath putª° [such a thing] as this¹ in the king'sª heart,ª to beautifyª°¹ the houseª of the LORDª which¹ [is] in Jerusalem:ª" {Ezr 7:27} + "O Lord,ª I beseechª thee, let now¹ thine earª be¹ attentiveª to¹ the prayerª of thy servant,ª and to¹ the prayerª of thy servants,ª who desireª to fearª°¹ thy name:ª and prosper,ª° I pray¹ thee, thy servantª this day,ª and grantª° him mercyª in the sightª of this¹ man.ª For I¹ was¹ the king'sª cupbearer.²°¹" {Neh 1:11} + "LORD,ª thou hast heardª° the desireª of the humble:ª thou wilt prepareª° their heart,ª thou wilt cause thine earª to hear:ª°" {Psa 10:17} + "Inclineª° my heartª unto¹ thy testimonies,ª and not¹ to¹ covetousness.ª" {Psa 119:36} + "O LORD,ª I knowª° that¹ the wayª of manª [is] not¹ in himself: [it is] not¹ in manª that walkethª° to directª°¹ his steps.ª" {Jer 10:23} + "And I will giveª° them oneª heart,ª and oneª way,ª that they may fearª° me for ever,ª¹ for the goodª of them, and of their childrenª afterª them: ... And I will makeª° an everlastingª covenantª with them, that¹ I will not¹ turn awayª° from¹¹ them,² to do them good;ª°¹ but I will putª° my fearª in their hearts,ª that they shall not¹ departª° from¹¹ me." {Jer 32:39-40} + "A newª heartª also will I giveª° you, and a newª spiritª will I putª° withinª you: and I will take awayª°¹ the stonyª heartª out of your flesh,ª¹ and I will giveª° you an heartª of flesh.ª ... And I will putª° my spiritª withinª you, and causeª° you to walk²°¹ in¹ my statutes,ª and ye shall keepª° my judgments,ª and doª° [them]." {Ezk 36:26-27} + "Butª thanksª [be] to God,ª which² putª° the¹ sameª earnest careª intoª the¹ heartª of Titusª forª you.ª" {2Co 8:16} + "Forª it isª° Godª which² workethª° inª youª bothª to willª° andª to doª° of² [his]¹ good pleasure.ª" {Php 2:13} + "Do²° notª err,ª° myª belovedª brethren.ª ... Of his own willª° begat¹ he²° usª with the wordª of truth,ª that² weª should beª° a kindª of firstfruitsª of his²¹ creatures.ª" {Jms 1:16-18}
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ him, Who¹ hath madeª° man'sª mouth?ª or¹ who¹ makethª° the dumb,ª or¹ deaf,ª or¹ the seeing,ª or¹ the blind?ª have not¹ I¹ the LORD?ª ... Now¹ therefore go,²°¹ and I¹ will be¹ with¹ thy mouth,ª and teachª° thee what¹ thou shalt say.ª°" {Exd 4:11-12} + "And thou shalt speakª° unto¹ him, and putª°¹ wordsª in his mouth:ª and I¹ will be¹ with¹ thy mouth,ª and with¹ his mouth,ª and will teachª° you¹ what¹ ye shall do.ª°" {Exd 4:15} + "But the LORDª saidª° unto¹ me, Sayª° not,¹ I¹ [am] a child:ª for¹ thou shalt go²°¹ to¹ all¹ that¹ I shall sendª° thee, and whatsoever¹¹ I commandª° thee thou shalt speak.ª° ... Then the LORDª put forthª°¹ his hand,ª and touchedª°¹ my mouth.ª And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ me, Behold,¹ I have putª° my wordsª in thy mouth.ª" {Jer 1:7-9} + "Butª whenª they deliver²° you² up,ª°¹ take²° no² thoughtª°¹ howª orª whatª ye shall speak:ª° forª it shall be givenª° youª inª that sameª hourª whatª ye shall speak.ª° ... Forª it isª° notª yeª that speak,ª° butª the¹ Spiritª of yourª Fatherª which² speakethª° inª you.ª" {Mtt 10:19-20} + "Andª whenª they bringª° youª untoª the¹ synagogues,ª andª [unto] magistrates,ª andª powers,ª take²° ye no² thoughtª°¹ howª orª what thingª ye shall answer,ª° orª whatª ye shall say:ª° ... Forª the¹ Holyª Ghostª shall teachª° you²¹ inª the¹ sameª hourª whatª ye oughtª° to say.ª°" {Lke 12:11-12} + "Settleª° [it] thereforeª inª yourª hearts,ª notª to meditate beforeª° what ye shall answer:ª° ... Forª Iª will giveª° youª a mouthª andª wisdom,ª whichª allª yourª adversariesª° shall²° notª be ableª° to gainsayª° norª resist.ª°" {Lke 21:14-15}

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