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{Proverbs 15:27} He that is greedy 1214 z8802 of gain 1215 troubleth 5916 z8802 his own house; 1004 but he that hateth 8130 z8802 gifts 4979 shall live. 2421 z8799
He that is:
"So¹ [are] the waysª of every one¹ that is greedyª° of gain;ª [which] taketh awayª°¹ the lifeª of the ownersª thereof." {Prv 1:19} + "As¹ righteousnessª [tendeth] to life:ª so he that pursuethª° evilª [pursueth it] to his own death.ª" {Prv 11:19} + "He that troublethª° his own houseª shall inheritª° the wind:ª and the foolª [shall be] servantª to the wiseª of heart.ª" {Prv 11:29} + "An inheritanceª [may be] gotten hastilyª°°² at the beginning;ª but the endª thereof shall not¹ be blessed.ª°" {Prv 20:21} + "Neither¹ shalt thou bringª° an abominationª into¹ thine house,ª lest thou be¹ a cursed thingª like it:¹ [but] thou shalt utterly²° detestª° it, and thou shalt utterly²° abhorª° it; for¹ it¹ [is] a cursed thing.ª" {Deu 7:26} + "And ye,¹ in any wise²¹ keepª° [yourselves] from¹ the accursed thing,ª lest¹ ye make [yourselves] accursed,ª° when ye takeª° of¹ the accursed thing,ª and makeª°¹ the campª of Israelª a curse,ª and troubleª° it." {Jsh 6:18} + "Israelª hath sinned,ª° and they have also¹ transgressedª°¹ my covenantª which¹ I commandedª° them: for they have even¹ takenª° of¹ the accursed thing,ª and have also¹ stolen,ª° and dissembledª° also,¹ and they have putª° [it] even¹ among their own stuff.ª ... Therefore the childrenª of Israelª couldª° not¹ standª° beforeª their enemies,ª° [but] turnedª° [their] backsª beforeª their enemies,ª° because¹ they were¹ accursed:ª neither¹ will I be¹ with¹ you any more,ª° exceptª¹ ye destroyª° the accursedª from amongª¹ you." {Jsh 7:11-12} + "And Joshua,ª and all¹ Israelª with¹ him, tookª°¹ Achanª the sonª of Zerah,ª and the silver,ª and the garment,ª and the wedgeª of gold,ª and his sons,ª and his daughters,ª and his oxen,ª and his asses,ª and his sheep,ª and his tent,ª and all¹ that¹ he had: and they broughtª° them unto the valleyª of Achor.ª ... And Joshuaª said,ª° Whyª hast thou troubledª° us? the LORDª shall troubleª° thee this¹ day.ª And all¹ Israelª stoned²°¹ him with stones,ª and burnedª° them with fire,ª after they had stoned²°¹ them with stones.ª" {Jsh 7:24-25} + "And his sonsª walkedª° not¹ in his ways,ª but turned asideª° afterª lucre,ª and tookª° bribes,ª and pervertedª° judgment.ª ... And saidª° unto¹ him, Behold,¹ thou¹ art old,ª° and thy sonsª walkª° not¹ in thy ways:ª now¹ makeª° us a kingª to judgeª° us like all¹ the nations.ª" {1Sm 8:3-5} + "The leprosyª therefore of Naamanª shall cleaveª° unto thee, and unto thy seedª for ever.ª And he went outª° from his presenceª¹ a leperª° [as white] as snow.ª" {2Kg 5:27} + "Woeª unto them that joinª° houseª to house,ª [that] layª° fieldª to field,ª till¹ [there be] noª place,ª that they may be placedª° alone¹ in the midstª of the earth!ª ... Yea,ª tenª acresª of vineyardª shall yieldª° oneª bath,ª and the seedª of an homerª shall yieldª° an ephah.ª" {Isa 5:8-10} + "[As] the partridgeª sittethª° [on eggs], and hatchethª° [them] not;¹ [so] he that gettethª° riches,ª and not¹ by right,ª shall leaveª° them in the midstª of his days,ª and at his endª shall be¹ a fool.ª" {Jer 17:11} + "Woeª to him that covetethª° an evilª covetousnessª to his house,ª that he may setª° his nestª on high,ª that he may be deliveredª° from the powerª¹ of evil!ª ... For¹ the stoneª shall cry outª° of the wall,ª¹ and the beam¹ out² of the timberª¹ shall answerª° it." {Hab 2:9-11} + "Then saidª° he unto¹ me, This¹ [is] the curseª that goeth forthª° over¹ the faceª of the whole¹ earth:ª for¹ every one¹ that stealethª° shall be cut offª° [as] on this side¹¹ according² to it;¹ and every¹ one that swearethª° shall be cut offª° [as] on that side¹¹ according² to it.¹ ... I will bring it forth,ª° saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª and it shall enterª° into¹ the houseª of the thief,ª and into¹ the houseª of him that swearethª° falselyª by my name:ª and it shall remainª° in the midstª of his house,ª and shall consumeª° it with the timberª thereof and the stonesª thereof." {Zch 5:3-4}
"The princeª that wantethª understandingª [is] also a greatª oppressor:ª [but] he that hatethª° covetousnessª shall prolongª° [his] days.ª" {Prv 28:16} + "The kingª by judgmentª establishethª° the land:ª but heª that receiveth giftsª overthrowethª° it." {Prv 29:4} + "Moreover thou¹ shalt provideª° out of all¹¹ the peopleª ableª men,²¹ such as fearª God,ª men²¹ of truth,ª hatingª° covetousness;ª and placeª° [such] over¹ them, [to be] rulersª of thousands,ª [and] rulersª of hundreds,ª rulersª of fifties,ª and rulersª of tens:ª" {Exd 18:21} + "And thou shalt takeª° no¹ gift:ª for¹ the giftª blindethª° the wise,ª and pervertethª° the wordsª of the righteous.ª" {Exd 23:8} + "Thou shalt not¹ wrestª° judgment;ª thou shalt not¹ respectª° persons,ª neither¹ takeª° a gift:ª for¹ a giftª doth blindª° the eyesª of the wise,ª and pervertª° the wordsª of the righteous.ª" {Deu 16:19} + "He that walkethª° righteously,ª and speakethª° uprightly;ª he that despisethª° the gainª of oppressions,ª that shakethª° his handsª from holdingª°¹ of bribes,ª that stoppethª° his earsª from hearingª°¹ of blood,ª and shuttethª° his eyesª from seeingª°¹ evil;ª ... He¹ shall dwellª° on high:ª his place of defenceª [shall be] the munitionsª of rocks:ª breadª shall be givenª° him; his watersª [shall be] sure.ª°" {Isa 33:15-16}

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