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{Proverbs 15:19} The way 1870 of the slothful 6102 [man is] as an hedge 4881 of thorns: 2312 but the way 734 of the righteous 3477 [is] made plain. 5549 z8803
way of the slothful:
"Thornsª [and] snaresª [are] in the wayª of the froward:ª he that doth keepª° his soulª shall be farª° from¹ them." {Prv 22:5} + "The slothfulª [man] saith,ª° [There is] a lionª without,ª I shall be slainª° inª the streets.ª" {Prv 22:13} + "The slothfulª [man] saith,ª° [There is] a lionª in the way;ª a lionª [is] in¹ the streets.ª" {Prv 26:13} + "And all¹ the congregationª lifted upª°¹ their voice,ª and cried;ª° and the peopleª weptª° that¹ night.ª ... And wherefore¹ hath the LORDª broughtª° us unto¹ this¹ land,ª to fallª° by the sword,ª that our wivesª and our childrenª should be¹ a prey?ª were it not¹ betterª for us to returnª° into Egypt?ª" {Num 14:1-3} + "And they spakeª° unto¹ all¹ the companyª of the childrenª of Israel,ª saying,ª° The land,ª which¹ we passed²° through¹ to searchª° it, [is] an exceedingª goodª land.ª ... Only¹ rebelª° not¹ ye against the LORD,ª neither¹ fearª° ye¹¹ the peopleª of the land;ª for¹ they¹ [are] breadª for us: their defenceª is departedª° from¹¹ them, and the LORDª [is] with¹ us: fearª° them not.¹" {Num 14:7-9}
the way of the righteous:
"In all¹ thy waysª acknowledgeª° him, and he¹ shall directª° thy paths.ª" {Prv 3:6} + "They [are] all¹ plainª to him that understandeth,ª° and rightª to them that findª° knowledge.ª" {Prv 8:9} + "Leadª° me, O LORD,ª in thy righteousnessª because of¹ mine enemies;ª° make thy wayª straightª° before my face.ª" {Psa 5:8} + "Goodª and uprightª [is] the LORD:ª therefore¹¹ will he teachª° sinnersª in the way.ª ... The meekª will he guideª° in judgment:ª and the meekª will he teachª° his way.ª" {Psa 25:8-9} + "What¹ manª [is] he that¹ fearethª the LORD?ª him shall he teachª° in the wayª [that] he shall choose.ª°" {Psa 25:12} + "Teachª° me thy way,ª O LORD,ª and leadª° me in a plainª path,ª because of¹ mine enemies.ª°" {Psa 27:11} + "And thine earsª shall hearª° a wordª behindª¹ thee, saying,ª° This¹ [is] the way,ª walk¹ ye in it,²° when¹ ye turn to the right hand,ª° and when¹ ye turn to the left.ª°" {Isa 30:21} + "And an highwayª shall be¹ there,¹ and a way,ª and it shall be calledª° The wayª of holiness;ª the uncleanª shall not¹ pass overª° it; but it¹ [shall be] for those: the wayfaring men,ª°¹ though fools,ª shall not¹ errª° [therein]." {Isa 35:8}
made plain:
Heb. raised up as a causey, "And shall say,ª° Cast ye up,ª° cast ye up,ª° prepareª° the way,ª take upª° the stumblingblockª out of the wayª¹ of my people.ª" {Isa 57:14}

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