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{Proverbs 15:16} Better 2896 [is] little 4592 with the fear 3374 of the LORD 3068 than great 7227 treasure 214 x4480 and trouble 4103 therewith.
"Betterª [is] a littleª with righteousnessª than greatª¹ revenuesª without¹ right.ª" {Prv 16:8} + "Betterª [is] the poorª° that walkethª° in his uprightness,ª than [he that is] perverseª¹ [in his] ways,ª though he¹ [be] rich.ª" {Prv 28:6} + "A littleª that a righteous¹ man² hath [is] betterª than the richesª¹ of manyª wicked.ª" {Psa 37:16} + "Butª godlinessª withª contentmentª isª° greatª gain.ª" {1Tm 6:6}
"The blessingª of the LORD,ª it¹ maketh rich,ª° and he addethª° no¹ sorrowª with¹ it." {Prv 10:22} + "And whatsoever¹¹ mine eyesª desiredª° I keptª° not¹ from¹ them, I withheldª° not¹¹ my heartª from any¹¹ joy;ª for¹ my heartª rejoicedª in all¹¹ my labour:ª and this¹ was¹ my portionª of all¹¹ my labour.ª ... Then I¹ lookedª° on all¹ the worksª that my hands² had wrought,ª°¹¹ and on the labourª that I had labouredª°¹ to do:ª° and, behold,¹ all¹ [was] vanityª and vexationª of spirit,ª and [there was] no¹ profitª under¹ the sun.ª" {Ecc 2:10-11} + "Yea, I¹ hatedª°¹ all¹ my labourª which I¹¹ had takenª under¹ the sun:ª because I should leave²°¹¹ it unto the manª that shall be¹¹ afterª me. ... For¹ all¹ his daysª [are] sorrows,ª and his travailª grief;ª yea,¹ his heartª taketh not¹ restª° in the night.ª This¹ is also¹ vanity.ª" {Ecc 2:18-23} + "He that lovethª° silverª shall not¹ be satisfiedª° with silver;ª nor he¹ that lovethª° abundanceª with increase:ª this¹ [is] also¹ vanity.ª ... The sleepª of a labouring manª° [is] sweet,ª whether¹ he eatª° littleª or¹ much:ª° but the abundanceª of the richª will not¹ suffer²°¹ him to sleep.ª°" {Ecc 5:10-12}

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