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{Psalms 143:7} Hear 6030 z8798 me speedily, y4118 x4116 O LORD: 3068 my spirit 7307 faileth: 3615 z8804 hide 5641 z8686 not x408 thy face 6440 from x4480 me, lest I be like 4911 z8738 unto x5973 them that go down 3381 z8802 into the pit. 953
Hear me:
"[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª of David.]]ª How long¹¹ wilt thou forgetª° me, O LORD?ª for ever?ª how long¹¹ wilt thou hideª°¹ thy faceª from¹ me? ... Lest¹ mine enemyª° say,ª° I have prevailed²° against¹ him; [and] those that troubleª me rejoiceª° when¹ I am moved.ª°" {Psa 13:1-4} + "Be pleased,ª° O LORD,ª to deliverª° me: O LORD,ª make hasteª° to helpª me." {Psa 40:13} + "But I¹ [am] poorª and needy;ª [yet] the Lordª thinkethª° upon me: thou¹ [art] my helpª and my deliverer;ª° make no¹ tarrying,ª° O my God.ª" {Psa 40:17} + "But I¹ [am] poorª and needy:ª make hasteª° unto me, O God:ª thou¹ [art] my helpª and my deliverer;ª° O LORD,ª make no¹ tarrying.ª°" {Psa 70:5} + "O God,ª be not¹ farª° from¹ me: O my God,ª make hasteª²°° for my help.ª" {Psa 71:12}
my spirit:
"For¹ innumerableª¹¹ evilsª have compassed²° me about:¹¹ mine iniquitiesª have taken holdª° upon me, so that I am not¹ ableª° to look up;ª° they are moreª° than the hairsª¹ of mine head:ª therefore my heartª failethª° me." {Psa 40:12} + "I am wearyª° of my crying:ª° my throatª is dried:ª° mine eyesª failª° while I waitª° for my God.ª" {Psa 69:3} + "For¹ I will not¹ contendª° for ever,ª neither¹ will I be always² wroth:ª°¹ for¹ the spiritª should failª° beforeª¹ me, and the soulsª [which] I¹ have made.ª°" {Isa 57:16} + "Men'sª hearts failing themª° forª fear,ª andª for looking afterª those things which are coming onª° the¹ earth:ª forª the¹ powersª of heavenª shall be shaken.ª°" {Lke 21:26}
hide not:
"For¹ he hath not¹ despisedª° nor¹ abhorredª° the afflictionª of the afflicted;ª neither¹ hath he hidª° his faceª from¹ him; but when he criedª° unto¹ him, he heard.ª°" {Psa 22:24} + "Hideª° not¹ thy faceª [far] from¹ me; put²° not thy servant² awayª°¹¹ in anger:ª thou hast been¹ my help;ª leaveª° me not,¹ neither¹ forsakeª° me, O Godª of my salvation.ª" {Psa 27:9} + "And hideª° not¹ thy faceª from thy servant;ª¹ for¹ I am in trouble:²°¹ hearª° me speedily.²¹" {Psa 69:17} + "And I will waitª° upon the LORD,ª that hidethª° his faceª from the houseª¹ of Jacob,ª and I will lookª° for him." {Isa 8:17}
lest I be like:
etc. or, for I am become like, etc
unto them:
"[[[A Psalm] of David.]]ª Unto¹ thee will I cry,ª° O LORDª my rock;ª be not¹ silent²°¹ to¹ me: lest,¹ [if] thou be silentª° to¹ me, I become²° like¹¹ them that go downª° into the pit.ª" {Psa 28:1} + "I am countedª° with¹ them that go downª° into the pit:ª I am¹ as a manª [that hath] no¹ strength:ª ... Thou hast laidª° me in the lowestª pit,ª in darkness,ª in the deeps.ª" {Psa 88:4-6} + "Wilt thou shewª° wondersª to the dead?ª° shall the deadª ariseª° [and] praiseª° thee? Selah.ª ... Shall thy lovingkindnessª be declaredª° in the grave?ª [or] thy faithfulnessª in destruction?ª" {Psa 88:10-11} + "For¹ the graveª cannot¹ praiseª° thee, deathª can [not] celebrateª° thee: they that go downª° into the pitª cannot¹ hopeª° for¹ thy truth.ª" {Isa 38:18}

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