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{Psalms 142:7} Bring y3318 z8685 my soul y5315 out x3318 x5315 of prison, 4525 x4480 that I may praise 3034 z8687 x853 thy name: 8034 the righteous 6662 shall compass me about; 3803 z8686 for x3588 thou shalt deal bountifully 1580 z8799 with x5921 me.
my soul:
"[[Maschilª° of David;ª A Prayerª when he was¹ in the cave.]]ª I criedª° unto¹ the LORDª with my voice;ª with my voiceª unto¹ the LORDª did I make my supplication.ª°" {Psa 142:1} *title: "When mine enemiesª° are turnedª° back,ª they shall fallª° and perishª° at thy presence.ª¹" {Psa 9:3} + "That¹ I may shew forthª° all¹ thy praiseª in the gatesª of the daughterª of Zion:ª I will rejoiceª° in thy salvation.ª" {Psa 9:14} + "And hast not¹ shut me upª° into the handª of the enemy:ª° thou hast setª° my feetª in a large room.ª" {Psa 31:8} + "I am countedª° with¹ them that go downª° into the pit:ª I am¹ as a manª [that hath] no¹ strength:ª ... Thou hast put awayª° mine acquaintanceª° far²° from¹ me; thou hast madeª° me an abominationª unto them: [I am] shut up,ª° and I cannot¹ come forth.ª°" {Psa 88:4-8} + "Quickenª° me, O LORD,ª for thy name's² sake:¹¹ for thy righteousness'ª sake bring²° my soul² out¹¹ of trouble.ª¹" {Psa 143:11} + "Which executethª° judgmentª for the oppressed:ª° which givethª° foodª to the hungry.ª The LORDª loosethª° the prisoners:ª°" {Psa 146:7} + "The Spiritª of the Lordª GODª [is] upon¹ me; because¹ the LORDª hath anointedª° me to preach good tidingsª° unto the meek;ª he hath sentª° me to bind upª° the brokenhearted,ªª° to proclaimª° libertyª to the captives,ª° and the opening of the prisonª to [them that are] bound;ª°" {Isa 61:1} + "Whomª Godª hath raised up,ª° having loosedª° the¹ painsª of death:ª becauseª it wasª° notª possibleª that heª should be holdenª° ofª it.ª" {Act 2:24}
the righteous:
"Arise,ª° O LORD,ª in thine anger,ª lift up²° thyself¹ because of the rageª of mine enemies:ª° and awakeª° for¹ me [to] the judgmentª [that] thou hast commanded.ª° ... So shall the congregationª of the peopleª compass thee about:ª° for their sakes¹ therefore returnª° thou on high.ª" {Psa 7:6-7} + "Saveª° me from the lion'sª mouth:ª¹ for thou hast heardª° me from the hornsª¹ of the unicorns.ª ... All¹ the endsª of the worldª shall rememberª° and turnª° unto¹ the LORD:ª and all¹ the kindredsª of the nationsª shall worshipª° beforeª thee." {Psa 22:21-27} + "My soulª shall make her boastª° in the LORD:ª the humbleª shall hearª° [thereof], and be glad.ª°" {Psa 34:2} + "Yet setteth he the poor² on highª°¹ from affliction,ª¹ and makethª° [him] familiesª like a flock.ª ... The righteousª shall seeª° [it], and rejoice:ª° and all¹ iniquityª shall stopª° her mouth.ª" {Psa 107:41-42} + "They that fearª thee will be gladª° when they seeª° me; because¹ I have hopedª° in thy word.ª" {Psa 119:74}
thou shalt:
"I will singª° unto the LORD,ª because¹ he hath dealt bountifullyª° with¹ me." {Psa 13:6} + "Returnª° unto thy rest,ª O my soul;ª for¹ the LORDª hath dealt bountifullyª° with¹ thee." {Psa 116:7} + "GIMEL. Deal bountifullyª° with¹ thy servant,ª [that] I may live,ª° and keepª° thy word.ª" {Psa 119:17} + "Behold,ª° we count them happyª° which endure.ª° Ye have heardª° of the¹ patienceª of Job,ª andª have seenª° the¹ endª of the Lord;ª thatª the¹ Lordª isª° very pitiful,ª andª of tender mercy.ª" {Jms 5:11}

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