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{Psalms 119:99} I have more understanding 7919 z8689 than all x4480 x3605 my teachers: 3925 z8764 for x3588 thy testimonies 5715 [are] my meditation. 7881
than all:
"Keepª° therefore and doª° [them]; for¹ this¹ [is] your wisdomª and your understandingª in the sightª of the nations,ª which¹ shall hearª°¹ all¹ these¹ statutes,ª and say,ª° Surely¹ this¹ greatª nationª [is] a wiseª and understandingª° people.ª ... And what¹ nationª [is there so] great,ª that¹ hath statutesª and judgmentsª [so] righteousª as all¹ this¹ law,ª which¹ I¹ setª° beforeª you this day?ª" {Deu 4:6-8} + "And lo¹ Zadokª also,¹ and all¹ the Levitesª [were] with¹ him, bearingª°¹ the arkª of the covenantª of God:ª and they set downª°¹ the arkª of God;ª and Abiatharª went up,ª° until¹ all¹ the peopleª had doneª° passingª° out of¹ the city.ª ... But if¹ he thus¹ say,ª° I have no¹ delightª° in thee; behold,¹ [here am] I, let him doª° to me as¹ seemethª goodª unto him." {2Sm 15:24-26} + "And Davidª calledª° for Zadokª and Abiatharª the priests,ª and for the Levites,ª for Uriel,ª Asaiah,ª and Joel,ª Shemaiah,ª and Eliel,ª and Amminadab,ª ... For because¹ ye¹ [did it] not¹ at the first,ª¹ the LORDª our Godª made a breachª° upon us, for¹ that we soughtª° him not¹ after the due order.ª" {1Ch 15:11-13} + "And they gatheredª°¹ their brethren,ª and sanctified²° themselves,¹ and came,ª° according to the commandmentª of the king,ª by the wordsª of the LORD,ª to cleanseª° the houseª of the LORD.ª ... And Hezekiahª rejoiced,ª° and all¹ the people,ª that¹ Godª had preparedª° the people:ª for¹ the thingª was¹ [done] suddenly.ª" {2Ch 29:15-36} + "And Hezekiahª spakeª° comfortablyª¹ unto all¹ the Levitesª that taughtª° the goodª knowledgeª of the LORD:ª and they did eatª° throughout¹ the feastª sevenª days,ª offeringª° peaceª offerings,ª and making confessionª° to the LORDª Godª of their fathers.ª" {2Ch 30:22} + "The priestsª saidª° not,¹ Where¹ [is] the LORD?ª and they that handleª° the lawª knewª° me not:¹ the pastorsª° also transgressedª° against me, and the prophetsª prophesiedª° by Baal,ª and walkedª° afterª [things that] do not¹ profit.ª°" {Jer 2:8} + "How¹ do ye say,ª° We¹ [are] wise,ª and the lawª of the LORDª [is] with¹ us? Lo,¹ certainlyª in vainª madeª° he [it]; the penª of the scribesª° [is] in vain.ª ... The wiseª [men] are ashamed,²°¹ they are dismayedª° and taken:ª° lo,¹ they have rejectedª° the wordª of the LORD;ª and what¹ wisdomª [is] in them?" {Jer 8:8-9} + "Atª thatª timeª Jesusª answeredª° and said,ª° I thankª° thee,ª O Father,ª Lordª of heavenª andª earth,ª becauseª thou hast hidª° these thingsª fromª the wiseª andª prudent,ª andª hast revealedª° themª unto babes.ª" {Mtt 11:25} + "¹ He¹ answeredª° and² saidª° unto them,ª Becauseª it is givenª° unto youª to knowª° the¹ mysteriesª of the¹ kingdomª of heaven,ª butª to themª it is²° notª given.ª°" {Mtt 13:11} + "Andª honourª° notª his²¹ fatherª orª his²¹ mother,ª [he shall be free]. Thusª have ye made²° the commandment² of God² of none effectª°¹¹¹ byª yourª tradition.ª ... Butª in vainª they do worshipª° me,ª teachingª° [for] doctrinesª the commandmentsª of men.ª" {Mtt 15:6-9} + "Let²° them² alone:ª°¹ they beª° blindª leadersª of the blind.ª Andª ifª the blindª leadª° the blind,ª bothª shall fallª° intoª the ditch.ª" {Mtt 15:14} + "[Ye] blindª guides,ª which strain¹ at²° a gnat,ª andª swallowª° a camel.ª ... Verilyª I sayª° unto you,ª Allª these thingsª shall comeª° uponª thisª generation.ª" {Mtt 23:24-36} + "Forª² when¹ forª the¹ timeª ye oughtª° to beª° teachers,ª ye haveª° needª that one teachª° youª againª whichª [be] the¹ firstª principlesª of the¹ oraclesª of God;ª andª are become¹ such as²° haveª° needª of milk,ª andª notª of strong² meat.ª¹" {Hbr 5:12}
for thy:
"Thy testimoniesª also¹ [are] my delightª [and] my counsellors.ª²¹" {Psa 119:24} + "Andª thatª fromª a childª thou hast knownª° the¹ holyª scriptures,ª which² are ableª° to make²° thee² wiseª°¹ untoª salvationª throughª faithª whichª is inª Christª Jesus.ª ... Thatª the¹ manª of Godª may beª° perfect,ª throughly furnishedª° untoª allª goodª works.ª" {2Tm 3:15-17}

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