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{Psalms 119:96} I have seen 7200 z8804 an end 7093 of all x3605 perfection: 8502 [but] thy commandment 4687 [is] exceeding 3966 broad. 7342
I have seen:
That is, I have seen that all human wisdom or knowledge, however extensive, noble, and excellent, has it bounds, and limits, and end; but Thy law, a transcript of Thine own mind, is infinite, and extends to eternity. "Behold,¹ thou hast madeª° my daysª [as] an handbreadth;ª and mine ageª [is] as nothing¹ before¹ thee: verily¹ everyª manª at his best stateª° [is] altogetherª vanity.ª Selah.ª ... Surely¹ every manª walkethª° in a vain shew:ª surely¹ they are disquietedª° in vain:ª he heapeth upª° [riches], and knowethª° not¹ who¹ shall gatherª° them." {Psa 39:5-6} + "And he had¹ a son,ª whose nameª [was] Saul,ª a choice young man,ª and a goodly:ª and [there was] not¹ among the childrenª¹ of Israelª a goodlierª personª than¹ he: from his shouldersª¹ and upwardª [he was] higherª than any¹¹ of the people.ª" {1Sm 9:2} + "And he stoodª° and criedª° unto¹ the armiesª of Israel,ª and saidª° unto them, Why¹ are ye come outª° to set [your] battleª in array?ª° [am] not¹ I¹ a Philistine,ª and ye¹ servantsª to Saul?ª chooseª° you a manª for you, and let him come downª° to¹ me." {1Sm 17:8} + "And Davidª putª°¹ his handª in¹ his bag,ª and tookª° thence¹¹ a stone,ª and slangª° [it], and smoteª°¹ the Philistineª in¹ his forehead,ª that the stoneª sunkª° into his forehead;ª and he fellª° upon¹ his faceª to the earth.ª ... Therefore Davidª ran,ª° and stoodª° upon¹ the Philistine,ª and tookª°¹ his sword,ª and drewª° it out of the sheathª¹ thereof, and slewª° him, and cut offª°¹ his headª therewith. And when the Philistinesª sawª° their championª was dead,ª° they fled.ª°" {1Sm 17:49-51} + "Then saidª° Saulª unto his armourbearer,ªª° Drawª° thy sword,ª and thrust me throughª° therewith; lest¹ these¹ uncircumcisedª comeª° and thrust me through,ª° and abuseª° me. But his armourbearerªª° wouldª° not;¹ for¹ he was soreª afraid.ª° Therefore Saulª tookª°¹ a sword,ª and fellª° upon¹ it. ... And when his armourbearerªª° sawª° that¹ Saulª was dead,ª° he¹ fellª° likewise¹ upon¹ his sword,ª and diedª° with¹ him." {1Sm 31:4-5} + "But in all¹ Israelª there was¹ noneª¹ to be so muchª praisedª° as Absalomª for his beauty:ª from the soleª¹ of his footª even to¹ the crown of his headª there was¹ no¹ blemishª in him." {2Sm 14:25} + "And the counselª of Ahithophel,ª which¹ he counselledª° in those¹ days,ª [was] as¹ if a manª had enquiredª° at the oracleª of God:ª so¹ [was] all¹ the counselª of Ahithophelª both¹ with Davidª and¹ with Absalom.ª" {2Sm 16:23} + "And when Ahithophelª sawª° that¹ his counselª was not¹ followed,ª° he saddledª° [his]¹ ass,ª and arose,ª° and gat¹ him home²° to¹ his house,ª to¹ his city,ª and put¹¹ his householdª in order,²° and hanged²° himself,¹ and died,ª° and was buriedª° in the sepulchreª of his father.ª" {2Sm 17:23} + "Then saidª° Joab,ª I may not¹ tarryª° thus¹ with¹ thee.² And he tookª° threeª dartsª in his hand,ª and thrustª° them through the heartª of Absalom,ª while¹ he [was] yet aliveª in the midst¹ of the oak.ª" {2Sm 18:14} + "And they tookª°¹ Absalom,ª and castª° him into¹ a greatª pitª in the wood,ª and laidª° a veryª greatª heapª of stonesª upon¹ him: and all¹ Israelª fledª° every oneª to his tent.ª" {2Sm 18:17} + "Vanityª of vanities,ª saithª° the Preacher,ª vanityª of vanities;ª all¹ [is] vanity.ª ... What¹ profitª hath a manª of all¹ his labourª which he takethª°¹ under¹ the sun?ª" {Ecc 1:2-3} + "Then I¹ lookedª° on all¹ the worksª that my hands² had wrought,ª°¹¹ and on the labourª that I had labouredª°¹ to do:ª° and, behold,¹ all¹ [was] vanityª and vexationª of spirit,ª and [there was] no¹ profitª under¹ the sun.ª" {Ecc 2:11} + "For¹ [there is] not¹ a justª manª upon earth,ª that¹ doethª° good,ª and sinnethª° not.¹" {Ecc 7:20} + "Vanityª of vanities,ª saithª° the preacher;ª all¹ [is] vanity.ª" {Ecc 12:8} + "Forª verilyª I sayª° unto you,ª Tillª² heavenª andª earthª pass,ª° oneª jotª orª oneª tittleª shall in no wiseª passª° fromª the¹ law,ª tillª² allª be fulfilled.ª°" {Mtt 5:18} + "Heavenª andª earthª shall pass away,ª° butª myª wordsª shall²° notª pass away.ª°" {Mtt 24:35}
but thy:
"The lawª of the LORDª [is] perfect,ª convertingª° the soul:ª the testimonyª of the LORDª [is] sure,ª° making wiseª° the simple.ª ... The statutesª of the LORDª [are] right,ª rejoicingª° the heart:ª the commandmentª of the LORDª [is] pure,ª enlighteningª° the eyes.ª" {Psa 19:7-8} + "Butª Iª sayª° unto you,ª Thatª whosoeverª lookethª° on a womanª to² lust¹ after²° herª hath committed adulteryª° with herª alreadyª inª his²¹ heart.ª" {Mtt 5:28} + "ª Jesusª saidª° unto him,ª Thou shalt loveª° the Lordª thyª Godª withª allª thyª heart,ª andª withª allª thyª soul,ª andª withª allª thyª mind.ª ... Onª theseª twoª commandmentsª hangª° allª the¹ lawª andª the¹ prophets.ª" {Mtt 22:37-40} + "Andª Jesusª answeredª° him,ª The² firstª of allª the¹ commandmentsª [is], Hear,ª° O Israel;ª The Lordª ourª Godª isª° oneª Lord:ª ... Andª when Jesusª sawª° thatª he² answeredª° discreetly,ª he saidª° unto him,ª Thou artª° notª farª fromª the¹ kingdomª of God.ª Andª no manª after thatª durstª° askª° himª [any question]." {Mrk 12:29-34} + "Whatª shall we sayª° then?ª [Is] the¹ lawª sin?ª God forbid.ªª° Nay,ª I had²° notª knownª° sin,ª butª byª the law:ª forª² I had²°¹ notª knownª° lust,ª exceptª the¹ lawª had said,ª° Thou shalt²° notª covet.ª° ... Whereforeª² the¹ lawª [is] holy,ª andª the¹ commandmentª holy,ª andª just,ª andª good.ª" {Rom 7:7-12} + "Forª we knowª° thatª the¹ lawª isª° spiritual:ª butª Iª amª° carnal,ª soldª° underª sin.ª" {Rom 7:14} + "Forª the¹ wordª of Godª [is] quick,ª° andª powerful,ª andª sharperª thanª anyª twoedgedª sword,ª piercingª° even¹ toª the dividing asunderª of¹ soulª andª² spirit,ª andª² of the jointsª andª marrow,ª andª [is] a discernerª of the thoughtsª andª intentsª of the heart.ª ... Neitherªª is¹ there²° any creatureª that is not manifestª in his² sight:ª¹ butª all thingsª [are] nakedª andª openedª° unto the¹ eyesª of himª withª whomª we have² to do.ª¹" {Hbr 4:12-13}

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