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{Psalms 119:77} Let thy tender mercies 7356 come 935 z8799 unto me, that I may live: 2421 z8799 for x3588 thy law 8451 [is] my delight. 8191
thy tender:
"VAU. Let thy merciesª comeª° also unto me, O LORD,ª [even] thy salvation,ª according to thy word.ª" {Psa 119:41} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª of David,ª when Nathanª the prophetª cameª° unto¹ him, after¹ he had gone inª° to¹ Bathsheba.]]ª Have mercyª° upon me, O God,ª according to thy lovingkindness:ª according unto the multitudeª of thy tender merciesª blot outª° my transgressions.ª ... For¹ I¹ acknowledgeª° my transgressions:ª and my sinª [is] everª before¹ me." {Psa 51:1-3} + "[It is of] the LORD'Sª merciesª that¹ we are not¹ consumed,ª° because¹ his compassionsª failª° not.¹ ... [They are] newª every morning:ª greatª [is] thy faithfulness.ª" {Lam 3:22-23} + "O my God,ª inclineª° thine ear,ª and hear;ª° openª° thine eyes,ª and beholdª° our desolations,ª° and the cityª which¹ is calledª° by¹ thy name:ª for¹ we¹ do not¹ presentª° our supplicationsª beforeª thee for¹ our righteousnesses,ª but¹ for¹ thy greatª mercies.ª" {Dan 9:18}
for thy:
"Thy testimoniesª also¹ [are] my delightª [and] my counsellors.ª²¹" {Psa 119:24} + "And I will delight²° myself¹ in thy commandments,ª which¹ I have loved.ª°" {Psa 119:47} + "I have longedª° for thy salvation,ª O LORD;ª and thy lawª [is] my delight.ª" {Psa 119:174} + "But¹¹ his delightª [is] in the lawª of the LORD;ª and in his lawª doth he meditateª° dayª and night.ª" {Psa 1:2} + "Forª thisª [is] the¹ covenantª thatª I will makeª° with the¹ houseª of Israelª afterª thoseª days,ª saithª° the Lord;ª I will putª° myª lawsª intoª theirª mind,ª andª writeª° themª inª theirª hearts:ª andª I will beª° to² themª a¹ God,ª andª theyª shall beª° to² meª a¹ people:ª ... Forª I will beª° mercifulª to theirª unrighteousness,ª andª theirª sinsª andª theirª iniquitiesª will I rememberª° no² more.ª¹" {Hbr 8:10-12}

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