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{Psalms 119:4} Thou x859 hast commanded 6680 z8765 [us] to keep 8104 z8800 thy precepts 6490 diligently. 3966
"Now¹ therefore hearken,ª° O Israel,ª unto¹ the statutesª and unto¹ the judgments,ª which¹ I¹ teachª° you, for to doª° [them], that¹ ye may live,ª° and go inª° and possessª°¹ the landª which¹ the LORDª Godª of your fathersª givethª° you." {Deu 4:1} + "Only¹ take heedª° to thyself, and keepª° thy soulª diligently,ª lest¹ thou forgetª°¹ the thingsª which¹ thine eyesª have seen,ª° and lest¹ they departª° from thy heartª¹ all¹ the daysª of thy life:ª but teachª° them thy sons,ª and thy sons'ª sons;ª" {Deu 4:9} + "O that¹¹ there were¹ suchª an² heartª in them,²° that they would fearª° me, and keepª°¹ all¹ my commandmentsª always,ª¹ that¹ it might be wellª° with them, and with their childrenª for ever!ª ... Ye shall walk²°¹ in all¹ the waysª which¹ the LORDª your Godª hath commandedª° you, that¹ ye may live,ª° and [that it may be] wellª° with you, and [that] ye may prolongª° [your] daysª in the landª which¹ ye shall possess.ª°" {Deu 5:29-33} + "Ye shall diligently²° keepª°¹ the commandmentsª of the LORDª your God,ª and his testimonies,ª and his statutes,ª which¹ he hath commandedª° thee." {Deu 6:17} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ if¹ ye shall hearken²° diligentlyª° unto¹ my commandmentsª which¹ I¹ commandª° you this day,ª to loveª°¹ the LORDª your God,ª and to serveª° him with all¹ your heartª and with all¹ your soul,ª" {Deu 11:13} + "For¹ if¹ ye shall diligently²° keepª°¹ all¹ these¹ commandmentsª which¹ I¹ commandª° you, to doª° them, to loveª°¹ the LORDª your God,ª to walk²°¹ in all¹ his ways,ª and to cleaveª° unto him;" {Deu 11:22} + "¹ What thing² soever¹¹¹ I¹ commandª° you, observeª° to doª° it: thou shalt not¹ addª° thereto,¹ nor¹ diminishª° from¹ it." {Deu 12:32} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ if¹ thou shalt hearken²° diligentlyª° unto the voiceª of the LORDª thy God,ª to observeª° [and] to doª°¹ all¹ his commandmentsª which¹ I¹ commandª° thee this day,ª that the LORDª thy Godª will setª° thee on highª above¹ all¹ nationsª of the earth:ª ... And thou shalt not¹ go asideª° from any¹¹ of the wordsª which¹ I¹ commandª° thee this day,ª [to] the right hand,ª or [to] the left,ª to go²°¹ afterª otherª godsª to serveª° them." {Deu 28:1-14} + "In that¹ I¹ commandª° thee this dayª to loveª°¹ the LORDª thy God,ª to walk²°¹ in his ways,ª and to keepª° his commandmentsª and his statutesª and his judgments,ª that thou mayest liveª° and multiply:ª° and the LORDª thy Godª shall blessª° thee in the landª whither¹¹ thou¹ goestª° to possessª° it." {Deu 30:16} + "Only¹ be thou strongª° and veryª courageous,ª° that thou mayest observeª° to doª° according to all¹ the law,ª which¹ Mosesª my servantª commandedª° thee: turnª° not¹ from¹ it [to] the right handª or [to] the left,ª that¹ thou mayest prosperª° whithersoever¹¹ thou goest.²°¹" {Jsh 1:7} + "But¹¹¹ this¹ thingª commandedª° I them, saying,ª° Obeyª° my voice,ª and I will be¹ your God,ª and ye¹ shall be¹ my people:ª and walkª° ye in all¹ the waysª that¹ I have commandedª° you, that¹ it may be wellª° unto you." {Jer 7:23} + "Teachingª° themª to observeª° all thingsª whatsoeverª I have commandedª° you:ª and,ª lo,ª° Iª amª° withª youª alway,ªª [even] untoª the¹ endª of the¹ world.ª Amen.ª" {Mtt 28:20} + "Ifª ye loveª° me,ª keepª° myª commandments.ª" {Jhn 14:15} + "He that hathª° myª commandments,ª andª keepethª° them,ª heª it isª° that lovethª° me:ª andª he that lovethª° meª shall be lovedª° ofª myª Father,ª andª Iª will loveª° him,ª andª will manifestª° myselfª to him.ª" {Jhn 14:21} + "Finally,ª brethren,ª whatsoever thingsª areª° true,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] honest,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] just,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] pure,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] lovely,ª whatsoever thingsª [are] of good report;ª if [there be] anyª virtue,ª andª if [there be] anyª praise,ª think²° on¹ these things.ª ... Those things,ª whichª ye have²° bothª learned,ª° andª received,ª° andª heard,ª° andª seenª° inª me,ª do:ª° andª the¹ Godª of peaceª shall beª° withª you.ª" {Php 4:8-9} + "Forª thisª isª° the¹ loveª of God,ª thatª we keepª° his²¹ commandments:ª andª his²¹ commandmentsª areª° notª grievous.ª" {1Jn 5:3}

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