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{Psalms 115:1} Not x3808 unto us, O LORD, 3068 not x3808 unto us, but x3588 unto thy name 8034 give 5414 z8798 glory, 3519 for x5921 thy mercy, 2617 [and] for x5921 thy truth's 571 sake.
am 3108, bc 896 (Title), This seems to be an επινικιον, or triumphal song, in which the victory is wholly ascribed to Jehovah; and to none can it be referred with more propriety than to that of Jehoshaphat over the confederated forces of his enemies, "It came to pass¹ after¹ this²¹ also, [that] the childrenª of Moab,ª and the childrenª of Ammon,ª and with¹ them [other] beside¹ the Ammonites,ª cameª° against¹ Jehoshaphatª to battle.ª ... Then Eliezerª the sonª of Dodavahª of Mareshahª¹ prophesiedª° against¹ Jehoshaphat,ª saying,ª° Because thou hast joined²° thyself¹ with¹ Ahaziah,ª the LORDª hath brokenª°¹ thy works.ª And the shipsª were broken,ª° that they were not ableª°¹ to go²°¹ to¹ Tarshish.ª" {2Ch 20:1-37}.
unto us:
"Arise,ª° O God,ª plead²° thine own cause:ª¹ rememberª° how¹ the foolish manª reproachethª thee daily.ª¹" {Psa 74:22} + "Helpª° us, O Godª of our salvation,ª forª¹ the gloryª of thy name:ª and deliverª° us, and purge awayª°¹ our sins,ª for thy name's² sake.¹¹ ... Wherefore¹ should the heathenª say,ª° Where¹ [is] their God?ª let him be knownª° among the heathenª in our sightª [by] the revengingª of the bloodª of thy servantsª [which is] shed.ª°" {Psa 79:9-10} + "For the Canaanitesª and all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the landª shall hearª° [of it], and shall environ us round,ª°¹ and cut offª°¹ our nameª from¹ the earth:ª and what¹ wilt thou doª° unto thy greatª name?ª" {Jsh 7:9} + "For mine own sake,¹ [even] for mine own sake,¹ will I doª° [it]: for¹ how¹ should [my name] be polluted?ª° and I will not¹ giveª° my gloryª unto another.ª" {Isa 48:11} + "But I wroughtª° for my name's² sake,¹¹ that it should not¹ be pollutedª° beforeª the heathen,ª in whose¹ sightª I brought them out.ª°" {Ezk 20:14} + "Not¹ for your sakes¹ doª° I¹ [this], saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª be it knownª° unto you: be ashamedª° and confoundedª° for your own ways,ª¹ O houseª of Israel.ª" {Ezk 36:32} + "O Lord,ª hear;ª° O Lord,ª forgive;ª° O Lord,ª hearkenª° and do;ª° deferª° not,ª for thine own sake,¹ O my God:ª for¹ thy cityª and thy peopleª are calledª° by thy name.ª" {Dan 9:19} + "Toª the praiseª of the gloryª of his²¹ grace,ª whereinªª he hath made²° us² acceptedª°¹ inª the¹ beloved.ª°" {Eph 1:6} + "The¹ four² and² twentyª¹¹ eldersª fall downª° beforeª him that satª° onª the¹ throne,ª andª worshipª° him that livethª° for² ever² and ever,ª¹ andª castª° their²¹ crownsª beforeª the¹ throne,ª saying,ª° ... Thou artª° worthy,ª O Lord,ª to receiveª° gloryª andª honourª andª power:ª forª thouª hast createdª° all things,ª andª forª thyª pleasureª they areª° andª were created.ª°" {Rev 4:10-11}
for thy mercy:
"He shall abideª° beforeª Godª for ever:ª O prepareª° mercyª and truth,ª [which] may preserveª° him." {Psa 61:7} + "[[Maschilª° of Ethanª the Ezrahite.]]ª I will singª° of the merciesª of the LORDª for ever:ª with my mouthª will I make knownª° thy faithfulnessª to all² generations.ª ... For¹ I have said,ª° Mercyª shall be built upª° for ever:ª thy faithfulnessª shalt thou establishª° in the very heavens.ª" {Psa 89:1-2} + "Thou wilt performª° the truthª to Jacob,ª [and] the mercyª to Abraham,ª which¹ thou hast swornª° unto our fathersª from the daysª¹ of old.ª" {Mic 7:20} + "Forª the¹ lawª was givenª° byª Moses,ª [but] graceª andª truthª cameª° byª Jesusª Christ.ª" {Jhn 1:17} + "Nowª I sayª° that Jesusª Christª wasª° a ministerª of the circumcisionª forª the truthª of God,ª to² confirmª° the¹ promisesª [made] unto the¹ fathers:ª ... Andª that the¹ Gentilesª might glorifyª° Godª forª [his] mercy;ª asª it is written,ª° For²° this² causeª¹ I will confessª° to theeª amongª the Gentiles,ª andª singª° unto thyª name.ª" {Rom 15:8-9}

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