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{Psalms 105:17} He sent 7971 z8804 a man 376 before 6440 them, [even] Joseph, 3130 [who] was sold 4376 z8738 for a servant: 5650
He sent:
"Now¹ therefore be not¹ grieved,ª° nor¹ angryª° with yourselves,ª that¹ ye soldª° me hither:¹ for¹ Godª did sendª° me before¹ you² to preserve life.ª" {Gen 45:5} + "And Godª sentª° me before¹ you² to preserveª° you a posterityª in the earth,ª and to save your livesª° by a greatª deliverance.ª ... So now¹ [it was] not¹ you¹ [that] sentª° me hither,¹ but¹ God:ª and he hath madeª° me a fatherª to Pharaoh,ª and lordª of all¹ his house,ª and a rulerª° throughout all¹ the landª of Egypt.ª" {Gen 45:7-8} + "But as for you,¹ ye thoughtª° evilª against¹ me; [but] Godª meant¹ it²° unto good,ª toª bring to pass,ª° as [it is] this¹ day,ª to save²° much² people² alive.ª°¹¹" {Gen 50:20}
"Come,²°¹ and let us sellª° him to the Ishmeelites,ª and let not¹ our handª be¹ upon him; for¹ he¹ [is] our brotherª [and] our flesh.ª And his brethrenª were content.ª° ... Then there passed²° by¹ Midianitesª¹ merchantmen;ª²° and they drewª° and lifted upª°¹ Josephª out of¹ the pit,ª and soldª°¹ Josephª to the Ishmeelitesª for twentyª [pieces] of silver:ª and they broughtª°¹ Josephª into Egypt.ª" {Gen 37:27-28} + "And the Midianitesª soldª° him into¹ Egyptª unto Potiphar,ª an officerª of Pharaoh's,ª [and] captainª of the guard.ª" {Gen 37:36} + "And Josephª was brought downª° to Egypt;ª and Potiphar,ª an officerª of Pharaoh,ª captainª of the guard,ª an Egyptian,ªª boughtª° him of the handsª¹ of the Ishmeelites,ª which¹ had brought him downª° thither.¹" {Gen 39:1} + "And Josephª saidª° unto¹ his brethren,ª Come nearª° to¹ me, I pray you.¹ And they came near.ª° And he said,ª° I¹ [am] Josephª your brother,ª whom¹ ye soldª° into Egypt.ª" {Gen 45:4} + "Andª the¹ patriarchs,ª moved with envy,ª° soldª° Josephª intoª Egypt:ª butª Godª wasª° withª him,ª" {Act 7:9}

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