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{Psalms 105:14} He suffered y3240 z8689 x5117 no x3808 man 120 to do them wrong: 6231 z8800 yea, he reproved 3198 z8686 kings 4428 for their sakes; x5921
"And it came to pass,¹ that, when Abramª was comeª° into Egypt,ª the Egyptiansª beheldª°¹ the womanª that¹ she¹ [was] veryª fair.ª ... And the LORDª plaguedª°¹ Pharaohª and his houseª with greatª plaguesª because ofª¹ Saraiª Abram'sª wife.ª" {Gen 12:14-17} + "And Abrahamª journeyedª° from thence¹¹ toward the southª country,ª and dwelledª° between¹ Kadeshª and Shur,ª and sojournedª° in Gerar.ª ... Now¹ therefore restoreª° the manª [his] wife;ª for¹ he¹ [is] a prophet,ª and he shall prayª° for¹ thee,² and thou shalt live:ª° and if¹ thou restoreª° [her] not,¹ knowª° thou that¹ thou shalt surely²° die,ª° thou,¹ and all¹ that¹ [are] thine." {Gen 20:1-7} + "For he had¹ possessionª of flocks,ª and possessionª of herds,ª and great storeª of servants:ª and the Philistinesª enviedª° him. ... And he calledª° it Shebah:ª therefore¹¹ the nameª of the cityª [is] Beershebaª unto¹ this¹ day.ª" {Gen 26:14-33} + "And Godª cameª° to¹ Labanª the Syrianª in a dreamª by night,ª and saidª° unto him, Take heedª° that¹ thou speakª° not toª Jacobª either goodª¹ orª bad.ª ... It isª in the powerª of my handª to doª° you hurt:ª but the Godª of your fatherª spakeª° unto¹ me yesternight,ª saying,ª° Take thou heedª° that thou speak¹¹ not²° to¹ Jacobª either goodª¹ or¹ bad.ª" {Gen 31:24-29} + "And they journeyed:ª° and the terrorª of Godª was¹ upon¹ the citiesª that¹ [were] round aboutª them, and they did not¹ pursueª° afterª the sonsª of Jacob.ª" {Gen 35:5} + "And thou shalt sayª° unto¹ him, The LORDª Godª of the Hebrewsª hath sentª° me unto¹ thee, saying,ª° Let¹ my peopleª go,ª° that they may serveª° me in the wilderness:ª and, behold,¹ hithertoª¹ thou wouldest not¹ hear.ª° ... Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª In this¹ thou shalt knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD:ª behold,¹ I¹ will smiteª° with the rodª that¹ [is] in mine handª upon¹ the watersª which¹ [are] in the river,ª and they shall be turnedª° to blood.ª" {Exd 7:16-17}

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