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{Psalms 104:1} Bless 1288 z8761 x853 the LORD, 3068 O my soul. 5315 O LORD 3068 my God, 430 thou art very 3966 great; 1431 z8804 thou art clothed 3847 z8804 with honour 1935 and majesty. 1926
This sublime poem on the works of God in creation and providence, is ascribed to David in the LXX, Vulgate, Ethiopic, Syriac, and Arabic; and as it opens and closes with the same words as the preceding psalm, it is probable that it was composed on the same occasion; and it is written as part of it in nine manuscripts "Let the sinnersª be consumedª° out of¹ the earth,ª and let the wickedª be no¹ more.¹ Blessª° thou¹ the LORD,ª O my soul.ª Praiseª° ye the LORD.ª" {Psa 104:35} + "[[[A Psalm] of David.]]ª Blessª°¹ the LORD,ª O my soul:ª and all¹ that is withinª me, [bless]¹ his holyª name.ª ... Blessª°¹ the LORD,ª O my soul,ª and forgetª° not¹ all¹ his benefits:ª" {Psa 103:1-2} + "Blessª° the LORD,ª all¹ his worksª in all¹ placesª of his dominion:ª blessª°¹ the LORD,ª O my soul.ª" {Psa 103:22}
"[[Shiggaionª of David,ª which¹ he sangª° unto the LORD,ª concerning¹ the wordsª of Cushª the Benjamite.]]ªª O LORDª my God,ª in thee do I put my trust:ª° saveª° me from all¹¹ them that persecuteª° me, and deliverª° me:" {Psa 7:1} + "And I prayedª° unto the LORDª my God,ª and made my confession,ª° and said,ª° Oª Lord,ª the greatª and dreadfulª° God,ª keepingª° the covenantª and mercyª to them that loveª° him, and to them that keepª° his commandments;ª" {Dan 9:4} + "[Art] thou¹ not¹ from everlasting,ª¹ O LORDª my God,ª mine Holy One?ª we shall not¹ die.ª° O LORD,ª thou hast ordainedª° them for judgment;ª and, O mighty God,ª thou hast establishedª° them for correction.ª°" {Hab 1:12}
art very great:
"Greatª [is] the LORD,ª and greatlyª to be praised;ª° and his greatnessª [is] unsearchable.ª¹" {Psa 145:3} + "Can¹ anyª hide²° himself¹ in secret placesª that I¹ shall not¹ seeª° him? saithª° the LORD.ª Do not¹ I¹ fill²¹¹ heavenª and earth?ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 23:24} + "Ahª Lordª GOD!ª behold,¹ thou¹ hast madeª°¹ the heavenª and the earthª by thy greatª powerª and stretched outª° arm,ª [and] there is nothingª¹¹ too hardª° for¹ thee: ... Greatª in counsel,ª and mightyª in work:ª for¹ thine eyesª [are] openª° upon¹ all¹ the waysª of the sonsª of men:ª to giveª° every oneª according to his ways,ª and according to the fruitª of his doings:ª" {Jer 32:17-19} + "Andª inª the midstª of the¹ sevenª candlesticksª [one] like² unto¹ the Sonª of man,ª clothed with¹ a garment²° down to the foot,ª andª girt²° aboutª¹ the¹ papsª with a goldenª girdle.ª ... The¹ mysteryª of the¹ sevenª starsª whichª thou sawestª° inª myª right hand,ª andª the¹ sevenª goldenª candlesticks.ª The¹ sevenª starsª areª° the angelsª of the¹ sevenª churches:ª andª the¹ sevenª candlesticksª whichª thou sawestª° areª° the sevenª churches.ª" {Rev 1:13-20}
"The LORDª reigneth,ª° he is clothedª° with majesty;ª the LORDª is clothedª° with strength,ª [wherewith] he hath girded²° himself:¹ the worldª also¹ is stablished,ª° that it cannot¹ be moved.ª°" {Psa 93:1} + "For he put onª° righteousnessª as a breastplate,ª and an helmetª of salvationª upon his head;ª and he put onª° the garmentsª of vengeanceª [for] clothing,ª and was cladª° with zealª as a cloke.ª" {Isa 59:17} + "I beheldªª°° tillª¹ the thronesª were cast down,ª° and the Ancientª of daysª did sit,ª° whose garmentª [was] whiteª as snow,ª and the hairª of his headª like the pureª wool:ª his throneª [was like] the fieryª¹ flame,ª [and] his wheelsª [as] burningª° fire.ª" {Dan 7:9}
"[[A Psalmª of David.]]ª Giveª° unto the LORD,ª O ye mighty,ªª giveª° unto the LORDª gloryª and strength.ª ... The voiceª of the LORDª [is] powerful;ª the voiceª of the LORDª [is] full of majesty.ª" {Psa 29:1-4} + "Honourª and majestyª [are] beforeª him: strengthª and beautyª [are] in his sanctuary.ª" {Psa 96:6}

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