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{Psalms 95:4} In his hand 3027 [are] the deep places 4278 of the earth: 776 the strength 8443 of the hills 2022 [is] his also.
"Thou hast givenª° him his heart'sª desire,ª and hast not¹ withholdenª° the requestª of his lips.ª Selah.ª" {Psa 21:2} + "If¹ he cut off,ª° and shut up,ª° or gather together,ª° then who¹ can hinderª° him?" {Job 11:10}
Heb. whose
"Whatsoever¹¹ the LORDª pleased,ª° [that] didª° he in heaven,ª and in earth,ª in the seas,ª and all¹ deep places.ª" {Psa 135:6}
the strength of the hills is his also:
or, heights of the hills are his, "Which by his strengthª setteth fastª° the mountains;ª [being] girdedª° with power:ª" {Psa 65:6} + "The hillsª meltedª° like waxª at the presenceª¹ of the LORD,ª at the presenceª¹ of the Lordª of the whole¹ earth.ª" {Psa 97:5} + "Which removethª° the mountains,ª and they knowª° not:¹ which¹ overturnethª° them in his anger.ª" {Job 9:5} + "And the mountainsª shall be moltenª° under¹ him, and the valleysª shall be cleft,ª° as waxª beforeª¹ the fire,ª [and] as the watersª [that are] poured²° down¹ a steep place.ª" {Mic 1:4} + "The mountainsª quakeª° at¹ him, and the hillsª melt,ª° and the earthª is burnedª° at his presence,ª¹ yea, the world,ª and all¹ that dwellª° therein." {Nah 1:5} + "He stood,ª° and measuredª° the earth:ª he beheld,ª° and drove asunderª° the nations;ª and the everlastingª mountainsª were scattered,ª° the perpetualª hillsª did bow:ª° his waysª [are] everlasting.ª" {Hab 3:6} + "The mountainsª sawª° thee, [and] they trembled:ª° the overflowingª of the waterª passed by:ª° the deepª utteredª° his voice,ª [and] lifted upª° his handsª on high.ª" {Hab 3:10}

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