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{Psalms 92:3} Upon x5921 an instrument of ten strings, 6218 and upon x5921 the psaltery; 5035 upon the harp 3658 with x5921 a solemn sound. 1902
"Praiseª° the LORDª with harp:ª singª° unto him with the psalteryª [and] an instrument of ten strings.ª" {Psa 33:2} + "Awake up,ª° my glory;ª awake,ª° psalteryª and harp:ª I [myself] will awakeª° early.ª" {Psa 57:8} + "The singersª° went before,ª° the players on instrumentsª° [followed] after;ª amongª [them were] the damselsª playing with timbrels.ª°" {Psa 68:25} + "Takeª° a psalm,ª and bringª° hither the timbrel,ª the pleasantª harpª with¹ the psaltery.ª ... Blow upª° the trumpetª in the new moon,ª in the time appointed,ª on our solemn feastª day.ª" {Psa 81:2-3} + "Let them praiseª° his nameª in the dance:ª let them sing praisesª° unto him with the timbrelª and harp.ª" {Psa 149:3} + "Praiseª° him with the soundª of the trumpet:ª praiseª° him with the psalteryª and harp.ª ... Praiseª° him upon the loudª cymbals:ª praiseª° him upon the high soundingª cymbals.ª" {Psa 150:3-5} + "And Davidª spakeª° to the chiefª of the Levitesª to appointª°¹ their brethrenª [to be] the singersª° with instrumentsª of musick,ª psalteriesª and harpsª and cymbals,ª sounding,ª° by lifting upª° the voiceª with joy.ª" {1Ch 15:16} + "All¹ these¹ [were] under¹ the handsª of their fatherª for songª [in] the houseª of the LORD,ª with cymbals,ª psalteries,ª and harps,ª for the serviceª of the houseª of God,ª according to¹ the king'sª orderª to Asaph,ª Jeduthun,ª and Heman.ª" {1Ch 25:6} + "And a third partª [shall be] at the king'sª house;ª and a third partª at the gateª of the foundation:ª and all¹ the peopleª [shall be] in the courtsª of the houseª of the LORD.ª" {2Ch 23:5} + "And he setª°¹ the Levitesª in the houseª of the LORDª with cymbals,ª with psalteries,ª and with harps,ª according to the commandmentª of David,ª and of Gadª the king'sª seer,ª and Nathanª the prophet:ª for¹ [so was] the commandmentª of² the LORDª byª his prophets.ª" {2Ch 29:25}
the harp:
etc. or, the solemn sound with the harp
a solemn sound:
Heb. Higgaion, "The LORDª is knownª° [by] the judgmentª [which] he executeth:ª° the wickedª is snared²°¹ in the workª of his own hands.ª Higgaion.ª Selah.ª" {Psa 9:16}

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