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{Psalms 72:6} He shall come down 3381 z8799 like rain 4306 upon x5921 the mown y1488 grass: x1488 as showers 7241 [that] water 2222 the earth. 776
"My doctrineª shall dropª° as the rain,ª my speechª shall distilª° as the dew,ª as the small rainª upon¹ the tender herb,ª and as the showersª upon¹ the grass:ª" {Deu 32:2} + "And [he shall be] as the lightª of the morning,ª [when] the sunª riseth,ª° [even] a morningª withoutª clouds;ª [as] the tender grassª [springing] out of the earthª¹ by clear shiningª¹ after rain.ª¹" {2Sm 23:4} + "In the lightª of the king'sª countenanceª [is] life;ª and his favourª [is] as a cloudª of the latter rain.ª" {Prv 16:15} + "The king'sª wrathª [is] as the roaringª of a lion;ª but his favourª [is] as dewª upon¹ the grass.ª" {Prv 19:12} + "And I will layª° it waste:ª it shall not¹ be pruned,²°¹ nor¹ digged;ª° but there shall come upª° briersª and thorns:ª I will also commandª°¹ the cloudsª that they rain²° no rainª¹¹ upon¹ it." {Isa 5:6} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in the dayª that the LORDª shall give thee restª° from thy sorrow,ª¹ and from thy fear,ª¹ and from¹ the hardª bondageª wherein¹ thou wast made to serve,ª° ... The LORDª hath brokenª° the staffª of the wicked,ª [and] the sceptreª of the rulers.ª°" {Isa 14:3-5} + "And I will set upª° oneª shepherdª° over¹ them, and he shall feedª° them, [even]¹ my servantª David;ª he shall feedª° them, and he¹ shall be¹ their shepherd.ª° ... And I will makeª° them and the places round aboutª my hillª a blessing;ª and I will cause the showerª to come downª° in his season;ª there shall be¹ showersª of blessing.ª" {Ezk 34:23-26} + "Then shall we know,ª° [if] we follow²° on¹ to knowª°¹ the LORD:ª his going forthª is preparedª° as the morning;ª and he shall comeª° unto us as the rain,ª as the latterª [and] former rain²°¹ unto the earth.ª" {Hsa 6:3} + "I will be¹ as the dewª unto Israel:ª he shall growª° as the lily,ª and cast forthª° his rootsª as Lebanon.ª ... They that dwellª° under his shadowª shall return;ª° they shall reviveª° [as] the corn,ª and growª° as the vine:ª the scentª thereof [shall be] as the wineª of Lebanon.ª" {Hsa 14:5-7}

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