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{Psalms 72:1} [[[A Psalm] for Solomon.]] 8010 Give 5414 z8798 the king 4428 thy judgments, 4941 O God, 430 and thy righteousness 6666 unto the king's 4428 son. 1121
or, of, "[[A Songª of degreesª for Solomon.]]ª Except¹¹ the LORDª buildª° the house,ª they labourª° in vainª that buildª° it: except¹¹ the LORDª keepª° the city,ª the watchmanª° wakethª° [but] in vain.ª" {Psa 127:1} *title
"And Zadokª the priestª tookª°¹ an hornª of oilª out of¹ the tabernacle,ª and anointedª°¹ Solomon.ª And they blewª° the trumpet;ª and all¹ the peopleª said,ª° God saveª° kingª Solomon.ª ... So kingª Solomonª sent,ª° and they brought him downª° from¹¹ the altar.ª And he cameª° and bowed²° himself¹ to kingª Solomon:ª and Solomonª saidª° unto him, Go²°¹ to thine house.ª" {1Kg 1:39-53} + "Only¹ the LORDª giveª° thee wisdomª and understanding,ª and give thee chargeª° concerning¹ Israel,ª that thou mayest keepª°¹ the lawª of the LORDª thy God.ª ... Then¹ shalt thou prosper,ª° if¹ thou takest heedª° to fulfilª°¹ the statutesª and judgmentsª which¹ the LORDª chargedª°¹ Mosesª with concerning¹ Israel:ª be strong,ª° and of good courage;ª° dreadª° not,¹ nor¹ be dismayed.ª°" {1Ch 22:12-13} + "And giveª° unto Solomonª my sonª a perfectª heart,ª to keepª° thy commandments,ª thy testimonies,ª and thy statutes,ª and to doª° all¹ [these things], and to buildª° the palace,ª [for] the which¹ I have made provision.ª°" {1Ch 29:19} + "Giveª° me now¹ wisdomª and knowledge,ª that I may go outª° and come inª° beforeª this¹ people:ª for¹ who¹ can judgeª° this¹¹ thy people,ª [that is so] great?ª" {2Ch 1:10} + "And the spiritª of the LORDª shall restª° upon¹ him, the spiritª of wisdomª and understanding,ª the spiritª of counselª and might,ª the spiritª of knowledgeª and of the fearª of the LORD;ª" {Isa 11:2} + "Forª he whomª Godª hath sentª° speakethª° the¹ wordsª of God:ª forª Godª givethª° notª the¹ Spiritª byª measureª [unto him]." {Jhn 3:34} + "Butª untoª the¹ Sonª [he saith], Thyª throne,²¹ O God,ª [is] for² ever² and ever:ª¹ a sceptreª of righteousnessª [is] the¹ sceptreª of thyª kingdom.ª ... Thou hast lovedª° righteousness,ª andª hatedª° iniquity;ª thereforeªª God,ª [even] thyª God,ª hath anointedª° theeª with the oilª of gladnessª aboveª thyª fellows.ª" {Hbr 1:8-9}
the king's:
"And moreover¹ the king'sª servantsª cameª° to blessª°¹ our lordª kingª David,ª saying,ª° Godª make¹ the nameª of Solomonª betterª° than thy name,ª¹ and make²°¹ his throneª greaterª° than thy throne.ª¹ And the kingª bowed²° himself¹ upon¹ the bed.ª ... And also¹ thus¹ saidª° the king,ª Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of Israel,ª which¹ hath givenª° [one] to sitª° on¹ my throneª this day,ª mine eyesª even seeingª° [it]." {1Kg 1:47-48} + "Now the daysª of Davidª drew nighª° that he should die;ª° and he chargedª°¹ Solomonª his son,ª saying,ª° ... That¹ the LORDª may continueª°¹ his wordª which¹ he spakeª° concerning¹ me, saying,ª° If¹ thy childrenª take heedª° to¹ their way,ª to walk²°¹ beforeª me in truthª with all¹ their heartª and with all¹ their soul,ª there shall not¹ failª° thee (saidª° he) a manª on¹¹ the throneª of Israel.ª" {1Kg 2:1-4} + "Behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will raiseª° unto Davidª a righteousª Branch,ª and a Kingª shall reignª° and prosper,ª° and shall executeª° judgmentª and justiceª in the earth.ª ... In his daysª Judahª shall be saved,ª° and Israelª shall dwellª° safely:ª and this¹ [is] his nameª whereby¹ he shall be called,ª° THE LORD¹ OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.²¹" {Jer 23:5-6}

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