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{Psalms 49:20} Man 120 [that is] in honour, 3366 and understandeth 995 z8799 not, x3808 is like 4911 z8738 the beasts 929 [that] perish. 1820 z8738
"Nevertheless manª [being] in honourª abidethª° not:¹ he is likeª° the beastsª [that] perish.ª°" {Psa 49:12} + "And Hamanª toldª° them of¹ the gloryª of his riches,ª and the multitudeª of his children,ª and all¹ [the things] wherein¹ the kingª had promotedª° him, and how¹ he had advancedª° him above¹ the princesª and servantsª of the king.ª ... Then saidª° Zereshª his wifeª and all¹ his friendsª° unto him, Let a gallowsª be madeª° of fiftyª cubitsª high,ª and to morrowª speakª° thou unto the kingª that¹ Mordecaiª may be hangedª° thereon:¹ then goª° thou in merrilyª with¹ the kingª unto¹ the banquet.ª And the thingª pleasedªª° Haman;ª and he caused²° the gallowsª to be made.ª°" {Est 5:11-14} + "So they hangedª°¹ Hamanª on¹ the gallowsª that¹ he had preparedª° for Mordecai.ª Then was the king'sª wrathª pacified.ª°" {Est 7:10}
"Doth not¹ their excellencyª [which is] in them go away?ª° they die,ª° even without¹ wisdom.ª" {Job 4:21}
is like:
"Surely¹ thou didst setª° them in slippery places:ª thou castedst them downª° into destruction.ª ... How¹ are¹ they [brought] into desolation,ª as in a moment!ª they are utterly²° consumedª°¹ with¹ terrors.ª" {Psa 73:18-19} + "I¹ saidª° in mine heartª concerning¹ the estateª of the sonsª of men,ª that Godª might manifestª° them, and that they¹ might seeª° that they²¹ themselves are beasts.ª ... For¹ that which befallethª the sonsª of menª befallethª beasts;ª even one thingª befallethª them: as the one¹ dieth,ª so¹ diethª the other;ª yea, they have all¹ oneª breath;ª so that a manª hath no¹ preeminenceª above¹ a beast:ª for¹ all¹ [is] vanity.ª" {Ecc 3:18-19}

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