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{Psalms 40:2} He brought me up 5927 z8686 also out of an horrible 7588 pit, 953 x4480 out of the miry 3121 clay, 2916 x4480 and set 6965 z8686 my feet 7272 upon x5921 a rock, 5553 [and] established 3559 z8790 my goings. 838
"He sentª° from above,ª¹ he tookª° me, he drewª° me out of many² waters.ª¹¹ ... He deliveredª° me from my strongª enemy,ª°¹ and from them which hatedª°¹ me: for¹ they were too strongª° for¹ me." {Psa 18:16-17} + "[Thou], which¹ hast shewedª° me greatª and soreª troubles,ª shalt quickenª° me again,ª° and shalt bring me upª° againª° from the depthsª¹ of the earth.ª" {Psa 71:20} + "For¹ greatª [is] thy mercyª toward¹ me: and thou hast deliveredª° my soulª from the lowestª hell.ª¹" {Psa 86:13} + "The sorrowsª of deathª compassedª° me, and the painsª of hellª gat hold²° upon¹ me: I foundª° troubleª and sorrow.ª" {Psa 116:3} + "Attendª° unto¹ my cry;ª for¹ I am brought²° very² low:ª°¹ deliverª° me from my persecutors;ª°¹ for¹ they are strongerª° than¹ I. ... Bring²° my soul² out¹¹ of prison,ª¹ that I may praiseª°¹ thy name:ª the righteousª shall compass me about;ª° for¹ thou shalt deal bountifullyª° with¹ me." {Psa 142:6-7} + "For¹ the enemyª° hath persecutedª° my soul;ª he hath smittenª° my lifeª down²° to the ground;ª he hath made me to dwellª° in darkness,ª as those that have been longª dead.ª°" {Psa 143:3} + "And they shall be gathered together,ª° [as] prisonersª are gatheredª in¹ the pit,ª and shall be shut upª° in¹ the prison,ª and after manyª¹ daysª shall they be visited.ª°" {Isa 24:22} + "The watersª compassed me about,ª° [even] to¹ the soul:ª the depthª closed me round about,ª° the weedsª were wrapped¹ about²° my head.ª ... I went downª° to the bottomsª of the mountains;ª the earthª with her barsª [was] about¹ me for ever:ª yet hast thou brought upª° my lifeª from corruption,ª¹ O LORDª my God.ª" {Jna 2:5-6} + "As for thee¹ also,¹ by the bloodª of thy covenantª I have sent forthª° thy prisonersª out of the pitª¹ wherein [is] no¹ water.ª" {Zch 9:11} + "Whomª Godª hath raised up,ª° having loosedª° the¹ painsª of death:ª becauseª it wasª° notª possibleª that heª should be holdenª° ofª it.ª" {Act 2:24} + "Becauseª thou wilt²° notª leaveª° myª soulª inª hell,ª neitherª wilt thou sufferª° thineª Holy Oneª to seeª° corruption.ª ... He seeing this beforeª° spakeª° ofª the¹ resurrectionª of Christ,ª thatª hisª soulª was²° notª leftª° inª hell,ª neitherª hisª fleshª did seeª° corruption.ª" {Act 2:27-31}
horrible pit:
Heb. pit of noise, "Andª shall castª° themª intoª the¹ furnaceª of fire:ª thereª shall beª° wailingª andª gnashingª of teeth.²¹" {Mtt 13:50}
the miry:
"I sinkª° in deepª mire,ª where [there is] no¹ standing:ª I am comeª° into deepª waters,ª where the floodsª overflowª° me." {Psa 69:2} + "Deliverª° me out of the mire,ª¹ and let me not¹ sink:ª° let me be deliveredª° from them that hateª°¹ me, and out of the deepª¹ waters.ª ... Let not¹ the waterfloodªª overflowª° me, neither¹ let the deepª swallow me up,ª° and let not¹ the pitª shutª° her mouthª upon¹ me." {Psa 69:14-15} + "Then tookª° they¹ Jeremiah,ª and castª° him into¹ the dungeonª of Malchiahª the sonª of Hammelech,²¹ that¹ [was] in the courtª of the prison:ª and they let downª°¹ Jeremiahª with cords.ª And in the dungeonª [there was] no¹ water,ª but¹¹ mire:ª so Jeremiahª sunkª° in the mire.ª ... And Ebedmelechª the Ethiopianª saidª° unto¹ Jeremiah,ª Putª° now¹ [these] oldª cast cloutsª and rotten ragsª under¹ thine armholesªª under¹¹ the cords.ª And Jeremiahª didª° so.¹" {Jer 38:6-12} + "They have cut offª° my lifeª in the dungeon,ª and castª° a stoneª upon me. ... I called²° upon¹ thy name,ª O LORD,ª out of the low² dungeon.ª¹¹" {Lam 3:53-55}
"For¹ in the timeª of troubleª he shall hideª° me in his pavilion:ª in the secretª of his tabernacleª shall he hideª° me; he shall set me upª° upon a rock.ª" {Psa 27:5} + "From the endª¹ of the earthª will I cryª° unto¹ thee, when my heartª is overwhelmed:ª° leadª° me to the rockª [that] is higherª° than¹ I." {Psa 61:2} + "Thereforeª whosoeverªª hearethª° theseª sayingsª of mine,ª andª doethª° them,ª I will likenª° himª unto a wiseª man,ª whichª builtª° his²¹ houseª uponª a rock:ª ... Andª the¹ rainª descended,ª° andª the¹ floodsª came,ª° andª the¹ windsª blew,ª° andª beat uponª° thatª house;ª andª it fellª° not:ª forª it was foundedª° uponª a rock.ª" {Mtt 7:24-25}
"Hold upª° my goingsª in thy paths,ª [that] my footstepsª slipª° not.¹" {Psa 17:5} + "Thou hast enlargedª° my stepsª under¹ me, that my feetª did not¹ slip.ª°" {Psa 18:36} + "The stepsª of a [good] manª are orderedª° by the LORD:ª¹ and he delightethª° in his way.ª" {Psa 37:23} + "Orderª° my stepsª in thy word:ª and let not¹ any¹ iniquityª have dominionª° over me." {Psa 119:133}

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