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{Psalms 30:7} LORD, 3068 by thy favour 7522 thou hast made my mountain 2042 to stand 5975 z8689 strong: 5797 thou didst hide 5641 z8689 thy face, 6440 [and] I was x1961 troubled. 926 z8737
by thy:
"For¹ his angerª [endureth but] a moment;ª in his favourª [is] life:ª weepingª may endureª° for a night,ª but joyª [cometh] in the morning.ª" {Psa 30:5} + "For¹ thou,¹ LORD,ª wilt blessª° the righteous;ª with favourª wilt thou compassª° him as [with] a shield.ª" {Psa 5:12} + "Thou hast also givenª° me the shieldª of thy salvation:ª and thy right handª hath holden me up,ª° and thy gentleness²¹ hath made me great.ª° ... Thou hast enlargedª° my stepsª under¹ me, that my feetª did not¹ slip.ª°" {Psa 18:35-36} + "For¹ they got²° not¹ the landª in possessionª° by their own sword,ª neither¹ did their own armª saveª° them: but¹ thy right hand,ª and thine arm,ª and the lightª of thy countenance,ª because¹ thou hadst a favourª° unto them." {Psa 44:3} + "For¹ thou¹ [art] the gloryª of their strength:ª and in thy favourª our hornª shall be exalted.ª°°°" {Psa 89:17} + "Thou hast grantedª°¹ me lifeª and favour,ª and thy visitationª hath preservedª° my spirit.ª" {Job 10:12}
etc. Heb. settled strength for my mountain, "He brought me upª° also out of an horribleª pit,ª¹ out of the miryª clay,ª¹ and setª° my feetª upon¹ a rock,ª [and] establishedª° my goings.ª" {Psa 40:2} + "And now,¹ LORD,ª thou¹ art God,ª and hast promisedª° this¹ goodnessª unto¹ thy servant:ª ... Now¹ therefore let it pleaseª° thee to blessª°¹ the houseª of thy servant,ª that it may be¹ beforeª thee for ever:ª for¹ thou¹ blessest,ª° O LORD,ª and [it shall be] blessedª° for ever.ª" {1Ch 17:26-27}
"Why¹ standestª° thou afar off,ª O LORD?ª [why] hidestª° thou [thyself] in timesª of trouble?ª" {Psa 10:1} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª of David.]]ª How long¹¹ wilt thou forgetª° me, O LORD?ª for ever?ª how long¹¹ wilt thou hideª°¹ thy faceª from¹ me? ... How long¹¹ shall I takeª° counselª in my soul,ª [having] sorrowª in my heartª daily?ª how long¹¹ shall mine enemyª° be exaltedª° over¹ me?" {Psa 13:1-2} + "Becauseª¹ of thine indignationª and thy wrath:ª for¹ thou hast lifted me up,ª° and cast me down.ª°" {Psa 102:10} + "Thou hidestª° thy face,ª they are troubled:ª° thou takest awayª° their breath,ª they die,ª° and returnª° to¹ their dust.ª" {Psa 104:29} + "Hearª° me speedily,²¹ O LORD:ª my spiritª faileth:ª° hideª° not¹ thy faceª from¹ me, lest I be likeª° unto¹ them that go downª° into the pit.ª" {Psa 143:7} + "When¹ I looked²° for¹ good,ª then evilª cameª° [unto me]: and when I waitedª° for light,ª there cameª° darkness.ª ... My harpª also is¹ [turned] to mourning,ª and my organª into the voiceª of them that weep.ª°" {Job 30:26-31} + "Behold,¹ for peaceª I had great bitterness:ªª° but thou¹ hast in loveª° to my soulª [delivered it] from the pitª¹ of corruption:ª for¹ thou hast castª° all¹ my sinsª behindª thy back.ª" {Isa 38:17}

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