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{Job 42:16} After 310 this x2063 lived 2421 z8799 Job 347 an hundred 3967 and forty 705 years, 8141 and saw 7200 z8799 x853 his sons, 1121 and x853 his sons' 1121 sons, 1121 [even] four 702 generations. 1755
How long he had lived before his afflictions we cannot tell: if we could rely upon the LXX, all would be plain, which adds here, τα δε παντα ετη εζησεν διακοσια τεσσαρακοντα. "And all the years he lived were two hundred and forty."
"And the daysª of Terahª were¹ two hundredª² and fiveª years:ª and Terahª diedª° in Haran.ª" {Gen 11:32} + "And these¹ [are] the daysª of the yearsª of Abraham'sª lifeª which¹ he lived,²°¹ an hundredª² threescore and fifteenªªª years.ª" {Gen 25:7} + "And the daysª of Isaacª were¹ an hundredª² and fourscoreª years.ª" {Gen 35:28} + "And Jacobª livedª° in the landª of Egyptª seventeenªª years:ª so the whole ageªª¹ of Jacobª was¹ an hundredª fortyª² and sevenª years.ª" {Gen 47:28} + "So Josephª died,ª° [being] an hundredª and tenª yearsª old:ª and they embalmedª° him, and he was putª° in a coffinª in Egypt.ª" {Gen 50:26} + "And Mosesª [was] an hundredª and twentyª yearsª oldª when he died:ª his eyeª was not dim,ª°¹ nor¹ his natural forceª abated.ª°" {Deu 34:7} + "And it came to pass¹ afterª these¹ things,ª that Joshuaª the sonª of Nun,ª the servantª of the LORD,ª died,ª° [being] an hundredª and tenª years² old.²¹" {Jsh 24:29} + "The daysª of our yearsª [are] threescore²° years² and ten;ª¹ and if¹ by reason of strengthª [they be] fourscoreª years,ª yet [is] their strengthª labourª and sorrow;ª for¹ it is soonª cut off,ª° and we fly away.ª°" {Psa 90:10}
and saw:
"And Josephª sawª° Ephraim'sª childrenª of the thirdª [generation]: the childrenª also¹ of Machirª the sonª of Manassehª were brought upª° upon¹ Joseph'sª knees.ª" {Gen 50:23} + "Yea, thou shalt seeª° thy children'sª children,ª [and] peaceª upon¹ Israel.ª" {Psa 128:6} + "Children'sª childrenª [are] the crownª of old men;ª and the gloryª of childrenª [are] their fathers.ª" {Prv 17:6}

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