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{Job 41:11} Who x4310 hath prevented 6923 z8689 me, that I should repay 7999 z8762 [him? whatsoever is] under x8478 the whole x3605 heaven 8064 is mine.
"Can a manª be profitableª° unto God,ª as² he that¹ is wiseª° may be profitableª° unto¹ himself? ... [Is it] any pleasureª to the Almighty,ª that¹ thou art righteous?ª° or¹ [is it] gainª [to him], that¹ thou makest thy ways² perfect?ª°¹" {Job 22:2-3} + "If¹ thou be righteous,ª° what¹ givestª° thou him? or¹ what¹ receivethª° he of thine hand?ª¹" {Job 35:7} + "For¹ thou preventestª° him with the blessingsª of goodness:ª thou settestª° a crownª of pure goldª on his head.ª" {Psa 21:3} + "Orª whoª hath first given²°¹ to him,ª andª it shall be recompensedª° unto himª again?²°" {Rom 11:35}
"Now¹ therefore, if¹ ye will obey²° my voice² indeed,ª°¹ and keepª°¹ my covenant,ª then ye shall be¹ a peculiar treasureª unto me above all¹¹ people:ª for¹ all¹ the earthª [is] mine:" {Exd 19:5} + "Behold,¹ the heavenª and the heavenª of heavensª [is] the LORD'Sª thy God,ª the earthª [also], with all¹ that¹ therein [is]." {Deu 10:14} + "Thine, O LORD,ª [is] the greatness,ª and the power,ª and the glory,ª and the victory,ª and the majesty:ª for¹ all¹ [that is] in the heavenª and in the earthª [is thine]; thine [is] the kingdom,ª O LORD,ª and thou art exaltedª° as headª above all.¹ ... But¹ who¹ [am] I,¹ and what¹ [is] my people,ª that¹ we should be²° ableª¹ to offer so willinglyª° after this sort?¹ for¹ all things¹ [come] of¹ thee, and of thine ownª¹ have we givenª° thee." {1Ch 29:11-14} + "[[A Psalmª of David.]]ª The earthª [is] the LORD'S,ª and the fulnessª thereof; the world,ª and they that dwellª° therein." {Psa 24:1} + "If¹ I were hungry,ª° I would not¹ tellª° thee: for¹ the worldª [is] mine, and the fulnessª thereof." {Psa 50:12} + "The heaven,ª [even] the heavens,ª [are] the LORD'S:ª but the earthª hath he givenª° to the childrenª of men.ª" {Psa 115:16} + "Forª the¹ earthª [is] the¹ Lord's,ª andª the¹ fulnessª thereof.²¹" {1Co 10:26} + "Butª ifª any manª sayª° unto you,ª Thisª isª° offered in sacrifice unto idols,ª eatª° notª for² his sakeª¹ that shewed¹ it,²° andª for conscience¹ sake:² forª the¹ earthª [is] the¹ Lord's,ª andª the¹ fulnessª thereof:²¹" {1Co 10:28}

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