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{Job 38:28} Hath 3426 the rain 4306 a father? 1 or x176 who x4310 hath begotten 3205 z8689 the drops 96 of dew? 2919
Hath the:
"Or [who] shut upª° the seaª with doors,ª when it brake forth,ª° [as if] it had issued outª° of the womb?ª¹" {Job 38:8} + "Which doethª° great thingsª and unsearchable;ªª marvellous thingsª° without¹¹ number:ª ... Who givethª° rainª uponª¹ the earth,ª and sendethª° watersª uponª¹ the fields:ª" {Job 5:9-10} + "[Is it] not¹ wheatª harvestª to day?ª I will callª° unto¹ the LORD,ª and he shall sendª° thunderª and rain;ª that ye may perceiveª° and seeª° that¹ your wickednessª [is] great,ª which¹ ye have doneª° in the sightª of the LORD,ª in askingª° you a king.ª ... So Samuelª calledª° unto¹ the LORD;ª and the LORDª sentª° thunderª and rainª that¹ day:ª and all¹ the peopleª greatlyª fearedª°¹ the LORDª and Samuel.ª" {1Sm 12:17-18} + "Thou visitestª° the earth,ª and waterestª° it: thou greatlyª enrichestª° it with the riverª of God,ª [which] is fullª° of water:ª thou preparestª° them corn,ª when¹ thou hast so¹ providedª° for it. ... Thou waterest²° the ridgesª thereof abundantly:ª° thou settlestª° the furrowsª°² thereof: thou makest it softª° with showers:ª thou blessestª° the springingª thereof." {Psa 65:9-10} + "Neither¹ sayª° they in their heart,ª Let us now¹ fearª°¹ the LORDª our God,ª that givethª° rain,ª both the formerª and the latter,ª in his season:ª he reservethª° unto us the appointedª weeksª of the harvest.ª" {Jer 5:24} + "When he utterethª° his voice,ª [there is] a multitudeª of watersª in the heavens,ª and he causeth the vapoursª to ascendª° from the endsª¹ of the earth;ª he makethª° lightningsª with rain,ª and bringeth forthª° the windª out of his treasures.ª¹" {Jer 10:13} + "Are thereª [any] among the vanitiesª of the Gentilesª that can cause rain?ª° or¹ can the heavensª giveª° showers?ª [art] not¹ thou¹ he,¹ O LORDª our God?ª therefore we will waitª° upon thee: for¹ thou¹ hast madeª°¹ all¹ these¹ [things]." {Jer 14:22} + "Be gladª° then, ye childrenª of Zion,ª and rejoiceª° in the LORDª your God:ª for¹ he hath givenª° you¹ the former rainª moderately,ª and he will cause to come downª° for you the rain,ª the former rain,ª and the latter rainª in the firstª [month]." {Jol 2:23} + "And also¹ I¹ have withholdenª°¹ the rainª from¹ you, when [there were] yet¹ threeª monthsª to the harvest:ª and I caused it to rainª° upon¹ oneª city,ª and caused it not to rainª°¹ upon¹ anotherª city:ª oneª pieceª was rained²° upon,¹ and the pieceª whereupon¹¹ it rainedª° not¹ withered.ª°" {Ams 4:7} + "Thatª ye may beª° the childrenª of yourª Fatherª whichª is inª heaven:ª forª he maketh²° his²¹ sunª to riseª° onª the evilª andª on the good,ª andª sendeth rainª° onª the justª andª on the unjust.ª" {Mtt 5:45}
"My rootª [was] spread outª° by¹ the waters,ª and the dewª lay all nightª° upon my branch.ª" {Job 29:19} + "Therefore Godª giveª° thee of the dewª¹ of heaven,ª and the fatnessª of the earth,ª and plentyª of cornª and wine:ª" {Gen 27:28} + "And Isaacª his fatherª answeredª° and saidª° unto¹ him, Behold,¹ thy dwellingª shall be¹ the fatnessª¹ of the earth,ª and of the dewª¹ of heavenª from above;ª¹" {Gen 27:39} + "And of Josephª he said,ª° Blessedª° of the LORDª [be] his land,ª for the precious thingsª¹ of heaven,ª for the dew,ª¹ and for the deepª¹ that coucheth¹ beneath,²°¹" {Deu 33:13} + "Israelª then shall dwellª° in safetyª alone:ª the fountainª of Jacobª [shall be] upon¹ a landª of cornª and wine;ª also¹ his heavensª shall drop downª° dew.ª" {Deu 33:28} + "Ye mountainsª of Gilboa,ª [let there be] no¹ dew,ª neither¹ [let there be] rain,ª upon¹ you, nor fieldsª of offerings:ª for¹ there¹ the shieldª of the mightyª is vilely cast away,ª° the shieldª of Saul,ª [as though he had] not¹ [been] anointed²¹ with oil.ª" {2Sm 1:21} + "And Elijahª the Tishbite,ª [who was] of the inhabitantsª¹ of Gilead,ª saidª° unto¹ Ahab,ª [As] the LORDª Godª of Israelª liveth,ª beforeª whom¹ I stand,ª° there shall not¹ be¹ dewª nor rainª these¹ years,ª but¹¹ accordingª to my word.ª" {1Kg 17:1} + "By his knowledgeª the depthsª are broken up,ª° and the cloudsª drop downª° the dew.ª" {Prv 3:20} + "I will be¹ as the dewª unto Israel:ª he shall growª° as the lily,ª and cast forthª° his rootsª as Lebanon.ª" {Hsa 14:5}

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