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{Job 38:1} Then the LORD 3068 answered 6030 z8799 x853 Job 347 out of x4480 the whirlwind, 5591 and said, 559 z8799
"At thisª also¹ my heartª trembleth,ª° and is moved¹ out²° of his place.ª¹ ... Hear²° attentivelyª° the noiseª of his voice,ª and the soundª [that] goeth outª° of his mouth.ª¹" {Job 37:1-2} + "Out of¹ the southª comethª° the whirlwind:ª and coldª out of the north.ª¹" {Job 37:9} + "Hearkenª° unto this,¹ O Job:ª stand still,ª° and considerª° the wondrousª° works of God.ª" {Job 37:14} + "And it came to pass¹ on the thirdª dayª in the morning,ª that there were¹ thundersª and lightnings,ª and a thickª cloudª upon¹ the mount,ª and the voiceª of the trumpetª exceedingª loud;ª so that all¹ the peopleª that¹ [was] in the campª trembled.ª° ... And when¹ the voiceª of the trumpetª sounded² long,ª° and waxed louder² and louder,ª¹ Mosesª spake,ª° and Godª answeredª° him by a voice.ª" {Exd 19:16-19} + "And ye came nearª° and stoodª° under¹ the mountain;ª and the mountainª burnedª° with fireª unto¹ the midstª of heaven,ª with darkness,ª clouds,ª and thick darkness.²¹ ... And the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ you out of the midstª¹ of the fire:ª ye¹ heardª° the voiceª of the words,ª but sawª° no¹ similitude;ª onlyª [ye heard] a voice.ª" {Deu 4:11-12} + "¹ These¹ wordsª the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ all¹ your assemblyª in the mountª out of the midstª¹ of the fire,ª of the cloud,ª and of the thick darkness,ª with a greatª voice:ª and he added no more.ª°¹ And he wroteª° them in¹ twoª tablesª of stone,ª and deliveredª° them unto¹ me. ... And ye said,ª° Behold,¹ the LORDª our Godª hath shewedª° us¹ his gloryª and his greatness,ª and we have heardª° his voiceª out of the midstª¹ of the fire:ª we have seenª° this¹ dayª that¹ Godª doth talkª° with¹ man,ª and he liveth.ª°" {Deu 5:22-24} + "And he said,ª° Go forth,ª° and standª° upon the mountª beforeª the LORD.ª And, behold,¹ the LORDª passed by,ª° and a greatª and strongª windª rentª° the mountains,ª and brake in piecesª° the rocksª beforeª the LORD;ª [but] the LORDª [was] not¹ in the wind:ª and afterª the windª an earthquake;ª [but] the LORDª [was] not¹ in the earthquake:ª" {1Kg 19:11} + "And it came to pass,¹ when the LORDª would take upª°¹ Elijahª into heavenª by a whirlwind,ª that Elijahª went²°¹ with Elishaª from¹ Gilgal.ª" {2Kg 2:1} + "And it came to pass,¹ as they¹ still²° went on,ª° and talked,ª° that, behold,¹ [there appeared] a chariotª of fire,ª and horsesª of fire,ª and partedª° them bothª asunder;ª and Elijahª went upª° by a whirlwindª into heaven.ª" {2Kg 2:11} + "And I looked,ª° and, behold,¹ a whirlwindªª cameª° out of¹ the north,ª a greatª cloud,ª and a fireª infolding²° itself,¹ and a brightnessª [was] aboutª it, and out of the midstª¹ thereof as the colourª of amber,ª out of the midstª¹ of the fire.ª" {Ezk 1:4} + "The LORDª [is] slowª to anger,ª and greatª in power,ª and will not at all²° acquitª°¹ [the wicked]: the LORDª hath his wayª in the whirlwindª and in the storm,ª and the cloudsª [are] the dustª of his feet.ª" {Nah 1:3}

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