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{Job 37:19} Teach 3045 z8685 us what x4100 we shall say 559 z8799 unto him; [for] we cannot x3808 order 6186 z8799 [our speech] by reason 6440 x4480 of darkness. 2822
"Butª I have understandingª as well as you;¹ I¹ [am] not¹ inferiorª° to¹ you: yea,¹ who¹ knoweth not¹ such things² as these?¹¹" {Job 12:3} + "Surelyª I¹ would speakª° to¹ the Almighty,ª and I desireª° to reasonª° with¹ God.ª" {Job 13:3} + "Hearª° now¹ my reasoning,ª and hearkenª° to the pleadingsª of my lips.ª" {Job 13:6}
"Lo,¹ these¹ [are] partsª of his ways:ª but how¹ littleª a portionª is heardª° of him? but the thunderª of his powerª who¹ can understand?ª°" {Job 26:14} + "Whenceª¹ then comethª° wisdom?ª and where¹¹ [is] the placeª of understanding?ª ... Seeing it is hidª° from the eyesª¹ of all¹ living,ª and kept closeª° from the fowlsª¹ of the air.ª" {Job 28:20-21} + "Who¹ [is] this¹ that darkenethª° counselª by wordsª without¹ knowledge?ª" {Job 38:2} + "Who¹ [is] he¹ that hidethª° counselª without¹ knowledge?ª therefore¹ have I utteredª° that I understoodª° not;¹ things too wonderfulª° for¹ me, which I knewª° not.¹" {Job 42:3} + "When I thoughtª° to knowª° this,¹ it¹ [was] too painfulª for¹ me;² ... Until¹ I wentª° into¹ the sanctuaryª of God;ª [then] understoodª° I their end.ª" {Psa 73:16-17} + "So foolishª [was] I,¹ and ignorant:ª°¹ I was¹ [as] a beastª before¹ thee." {Psa 73:22} + "[Such] knowledgeª [is] too wonderfulª° for¹ me; it is high,ª° I cannotª°¹ [attain] unto it." {Psa 139:6} + "Surely¹ I¹ [am] more brutishª than [any] man,ª¹ and have not¹ the understandingª of a man.ª ... Who¹ hath ascended upª° into heaven,ª or descended?ª° who¹ hath gatheredª° the windª in his fists?ª who¹ hath boundª° the watersª in a garment?ª who¹ hath establishedª° all¹ the endsª of the earth?ª what¹ [is] his name,ª and what¹ [is] his son'sª name,ª if¹ thou canst tell?ª°" {Prv 30:2-4} + "Forª nowª we seeª° throughª a glass,ª darkly;ªª butª thenª faceª toª face:ª nowª I knowª° inª part;ª butª thenª shall I knowª° even asª alsoª I am known.ª°" {1Co 13:12} + "Beloved,ª nowª are¹ we²° the sonsª of God,ª andª it doth²° not yetª appearª° whatª we shall be:ª° butª we knowª° that,ª whenª he shall appear,ª° we shall beª° likeª him;ª forª we shall seeª° himª asª he is.ª°" {1Jn 3:2}

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