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{Job 37:18} Hast thou with x5973 him spread out 7554 z8686 the sky, 7834 [which is] strong, 2389 [and] as a molten 3332 z8716 looking glass? 7209
"Which alone¹ spreadeth outª° the heavens,ª and treadethª° upon¹ the wavesª of the sea.ª ... Which makethª° Arcturus,ª Orion,ª and Pleiades,ª and the chambersª of the south.ª" {Job 9:8-9} + "And Godª said,ª° Let there be¹ a firmamentª in the midstª of the waters,ª and let¹ it divideª°¹ the watersª from the waters.ª ... And Godª calledª° the firmamentª Heaven.ª And the eveningª and the morningª were¹ the secondª day.ª" {Gen 1:6-8} + "Who coverestª° [thyself] with lightª as [with] a garment:ª who stretchest outª° the heavensª like a curtain:ª" {Psa 104:2} + "Praiseª° him, ye heavensª of heavens,ª and ye watersª that¹ [be] above¹¹ the heavens.ª ... He hath also stablishedª° them for everª and ever:ª he hath madeª° a decreeª which shall not¹ pass.ª°" {Psa 148:4-6} + "Praiseª° ye the LORD.ª Praiseª° Godª in his sanctuary:ª praiseª° him in the firmamentª of his power.ª" {Psa 150:1} + "When he preparedª° the heavens,ª I¹ [was] there:¹ when he setª° a compassª upon¹ the faceª of the depth:ª" {Prv 8:27} + "Who¹ hath measuredª° the watersª in the hollow of his hand,ª and meted outª° heavenª with the span,ª and comprehendedª° the dustª of the earthª in a measure,ª and weighedª° the mountainsª in scales,ª and the hillsª in a balance?ª" {Isa 40:12} + "[It is] he that sittethª° upon¹ the circleª of the earth,ª and the inhabitantsª° thereof [are] as grasshoppers;ª that stretcheth outª° the heavensª as a curtain,ª and spreadeth them outª° as a tentª to dwell in:ª°" {Isa 40:22} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª thy redeemer,ª° and he that formedª° thee from the womb,ª¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª that makethª° all¹ [things]; that stretcheth forthª° the heavensª alone;¹ that spreadeth abroadª° the earthª by¹ myself;" {Isa 44:24}
"And he madeª°¹ the laverª [of] brass,ª and the footª of it [of] brass,ª of the lookingglassesª of [the women] assembling,ª° which¹ assembledª° [at] the doorª of the tabernacleª of the congregation.ª" {Exd 38:8}

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