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{Job 37:15} Dost thou know 3045 z8799 when God 433 disposed 7760 z8800 x5921 them, and caused the light 216 of his cloud 6051 to shine? 3313 z8689
"For¹ he¹ lookethª° to the endsª of the earth,ª [and] seethª° under¹ the whole¹ heaven;ª ... Then¹ did he seeª° it, and declareª° it; he preparedª° it, yea,¹ and searched it out.ª°" {Job 28:24-27} + "Who¹ hath given him a chargeª°¹ over the earth?ª or who¹ hath disposedª° the whole¹ world?ª" {Job 34:13} + "Whereª wast¹ thou when I laid the foundationsª° of the earth?ª declare,ª° if¹ thou hast²° understanding.ª¹ ... Who¹ providethª° for the ravenª his food?ª when¹ his young onesª cryª° unto¹ God,ª they wanderª° for lackª of meat.ª" {Job 38:4-41} + "Thy faithfulnessª [is] unto all² generations:ª thou hast establishedª° the earth,ª and it abideth.ª° ... They continueª° this dayª according to thine ordinances:ª for¹ all¹ [are] thy servants.ª" {Psa 119:90-91} + "Lift upª° your eyesª on high,ª and beholdª° who¹ hath createdª° these¹ [things], that bringeth outª° their hostª by number:ª he callethª° them all¹ by namesª by the greatnessª¹ of his might,ª for that [he is] strongª in power;ª not¹ oneª faileth.ª°" {Isa 40:26}
the light:
"Also¹ by wateringª he weariethª° the thick cloud:ª he scatterethª° his brightª cloud:ª" {Job 37:11} + "Behold,¹ he spreadethª° his lightª upon¹ it, and coverethª° the bottomª of the sea.ª ... With¹ cloudsª he coverethª° the light;ª and commandethª° it [not to shine] by¹ [the cloud] that cometh betwixt.ª°" {Job 36:30-32} + "By whatª¹ wayª is the lightª parted,ª° [which] scatterethª° the east windª upon¹ the earth?ª ... Who¹ hath dividedª° a watercourseª for the overflowing of waters,ª or a wayª for the lightningª of thunder;ª" {Job 38:24-25}

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