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{Job 37:7} He sealeth up 2856 z8799 the hand 3027 of every x3605 man; 120 that all x3605 men y582 x376 may know 3045 z8800 his work. 4639
"He disappointethª° the devicesª of the crafty,ª so that their handsª cannot¹ performª° [their] enterprise.ª" {Job 5:12} + "Which commandethª° the sun,ª and it risethª° not;¹ and sealeth upª° the stars.ª" {Job 9:7}
"Rememberª° that¹ thou magnifyª° his work,ª which¹ men²¹ behold.²°¹" {Job 36:24} + "Come,²°¹ beholdª° the worksª of the LORD,ª what¹ desolationsª he hath madeª° in the earth.ª" {Psa 46:8} + "And all¹ menª shall fear,ª° and shall declareª° the workª of God;ª for they shall wisely considerª° of his doing.ª" {Psa 64:9} + "For¹ thou, LORD,ª hast made me gladª° through thy work:ª I will triumphª° in the worksª of thy hands.ª" {Psa 92:4} + "That¹ they may knowª° that this¹ [is] thy hand;ª [that] thou,¹ LORD,ª hast doneª° it." {Psa 109:27} + "The worksª of the LORDª [are] great,ª sought outª° of all¹ them that have pleasureª therein." {Psa 111:2} + "Then I beheldª°¹ all¹ the workª of God,ª that¹ a manª cannotª°¹ find outª°¹ the workª that¹ is doneª° under¹ the sun:ª because²¹ though²¹ a manª labourª° to seek [it] out,ª° yet he shall not¹ findª° [it]; yea¹ further; though¹ a wiseª [man] thinkª° to knowª° [it], yet shall he not¹ be ableª° to findª° [it]." {Ecc 8:17} + "And the harp,ª and the viol,ª the tabret,ª and pipe,ª and wine,ª are¹ in their feasts:ª but they regardª° not¹ the workª of the LORD,ª neither¹ considerª° the operationª of his hands.ª" {Isa 5:12} + "LORD,ª [when] thy handª is lifted up,²°¹ they will not¹ see:ª° [but] they shall see,ª° and be ashamedª° for [their] envyª at the people;ª yea,¹ the fireª of thine enemiesª shall devourª° them." {Isa 26:11}

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