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{Job 37:4} After 310 it a voice 6963 roareth: 7580 z8799 he thundereth 7481 z8686 with the voice 6963 of his excellency; 1347 and he will not x3808 stay 6117 z8762 them when x3588 his voice 6963 is heard. 8085 z8735
a voice:
"The voiceª of the LORDª [is] upon¹ the waters:ª the Godª of gloryª thundereth:ª° the LORDª [is] upon¹ manyª waters.ª ... The voiceª of the LORDª maketh the hindsª to calve,ª° and discoverethª° the forests:ª and in his templeª doth every one¹ speak²° of¹ [his] glory.ª" {Psa 29:3-9} + "To him that ridethª° upon the heavensª of heavens,ª [which were] of old;ª lo,¹ he doth send outª° his voice,ª [and that] a mightyª voice.ª" {Psa 68:33}
the voice:
"And in the greatnessª of thine excellencyª thou hast overthrownª° them that rose up againstª° thee: thou sentest forthª° thy wrath,ª [which] consumedª° them as stubble.ª ... And with the blastª of thy nostrilsª the watersª were gathered together,ª° the floodsª° stood uprightª° as¹ an heap,ª [and] the depthsª were congealedª° in the heartª of the sea.ª" {Exd 15:7-8} + "[There is] none¹ like unto the Godª of Jeshurun,ª [who] rideth²° upon¹ the heavenª in thy help,ª and in his excellencyª on the sky.ª" {Deu 33:26}
he will:
"For¹ he maketh smallª° the dropsª of water:ª they pour downª° rainª according to the vapourª thereof: ... The noiseª thereof shewethª° concerning¹ it, the cattleª also¹ concerning¹ the vapour.ª°" {Job 36:27-33}

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