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{Job 37:1} At this 2063 also x637 my heart 3820 trembleth, 2729 z8799 and is moved x5425 out y5425 z8799 of his place. 4725 x4480
"Fearª came²° upon¹ me, and trembling,²¹ which made allª my bonesª to shake.ª°" {Job 4:14} + "Even when¹ I rememberª° I am afraid,ª° and tremblingª taketh hold¹ on²° my flesh.ª" {Job 21:6} + "Then the LORDª answeredª°¹ Jobª out of¹ the whirlwind,ª and said,ª°" {Job 38:1} + "And it came to pass¹ on the thirdª dayª in the morning,ª that there were¹ thundersª and lightnings,ª and a thickª cloudª upon¹ the mount,ª and the voiceª of the trumpetª exceedingª loud;ª so that all¹ the peopleª that¹ [was] in the campª trembled.ª°" {Exd 19:16} + "Godª is greatlyª to be fearedª° in the assemblyª of the saints,ª and to be had in reverenceª° of¹ all¹ [them that are] aboutª him." {Psa 89:7} + "My fleshª tremblethª° for fearª¹ of thee; and I am afraidª° of thy judgments.ª¹" {Psa 119:120} + "Fearª° ye not¹ me? saithª° the LORD:ª will ye not¹ trembleª° at my presence,ª¹ which¹ have placedª° the sandª [for] the boundª of the seaª by a perpetualª decree,ª that it cannot¹ passª° it: and though the wavesª thereof toss²° themselves,¹ yet can they not¹ prevail;ª° though they roar,ª° yet can they not¹ pass overª° it?" {Jer 5:22} + "And I¹ Danielª alone¹ sawª°¹ the vision:ª for the men²¹ that¹ were¹ with¹ me sawª° not¹¹ the vision;ª butª a greatª quakingª fellª° upon¹ them, so that they fledª° to hide²° themselves.¹ ... Therefore I¹ was left¹ alone,²°¹ and sawª°¹ this¹ greatª vision,ª and there remainedª° no¹ strengthª in me: for my comelinessª was turnedª° in¹ me into corruption,ª and I retainedª° no¹ strength.ª" {Dan 10:7-8} + "When I heard,ª° my bellyª trembled;ª° my lipsª quiveredª° at the voice:ª rottennessª enteredª° into my bones,ª and I trembledª° in¹ myself, that¹ I might restª° in the dayª of trouble:ª when he cometh upª° unto the people,ª he will invade¹ them with his troops.²°" {Hab 3:16} + "And,ª behold,ª° there wasª° a greatª earthquake:ª forª the angelª of the Lordª descendedª° fromª heaven,ª and cameª° and rolled backª° the¹ stoneª fromª the¹ door,ª andª satª° uponª it.ª ... Andª forª fearª of himª the¹ keepersª° did shake,ª° andª becameª° asª deadª [men]." {Mtt 28:2-4} + "Andª suddenlyª there wasª° a greatª earthquake,ª so thatª the¹ foundationsª of the¹ prisonª were shaken:ª° andª immediatelyª allª the¹ doorsª were opened,ª° andª every one'sª bands²¹ were loosed.ª°" {Act 16:26} + "Thenª he calledª° for a light,ª and sprang in,ª° andª cameª° trembling,ª and fell down beforeª° Paulª andª Silas,ª" {Act 16:29}

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