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{Job 36:5} Behold, x2005 God 410 [is] mighty, 3524 and despiseth 3988 z8799 not x3808 [any: he is] mighty 3524 in strength 3581 [and] wisdom. 3820
"[Is it] good²°¹ unto thee that¹ thou shouldest oppress,ª° that¹ thou shouldest despiseª° the workª of thine hands,ª and shineª° upon¹ the counselª of the wicked?ª" {Job 10:3} + "If¹ I did despiseª° the causeª of my manservantª or of my maidservant,ª when they contended²¹ with¹ me;" {Job 31:13} + "For¹ he hath not¹ despisedª° nor¹ abhorredª° the afflictionª of the afflicted;ª neither¹ hath he hidª° his faceª from¹ him; but when he criedª° unto¹ him, he heard.ª°" {Psa 22:24} + "Though¹ the LORDª [be] high,ª° yet hath he respectª° unto the lowly:ª but the proudª he knowethª° afar off.ª¹" {Psa 138:6}
"How much less¹¹ shall I¹ answerª° him, [and] choose outª° my wordsª [to reason] with¹ him?" {Job 9:14} + "If¹ [I speak] of strength,ª lo,¹ [he is] strong:ª and if¹ of judgment,ª who¹ shall set²° me a time¹ [to plead]?" {Job 9:19} + "With¹ him [is] wisdomª and strength,ª he hath counselª and understanding.ª ... With¹ him [is] strengthª and wisdom:ª the deceivedª° and the deceiverª° [are] his." {Job 12:13-16} + "He dividethª° the seaª with his power,ª and by his understandingª° he smiteth²° through¹ the proud.ª ... Lo,¹ these¹ [are] partsª of his ways:ª but how¹ littleª a portionª is heardª° of him? but the thunderª of his powerª who¹ can understand?ª°" {Job 26:12-14} + "[Touching] the Almighty,ª we cannot¹ find him out:ª° [he is] excellentª in power,ª and in judgment,ª and in plentyª of justice:ª he will not¹ afflict.ª°" {Job 37:23} + "The king'sª strengthª also lovethª° judgment;ª thou¹ dost establishª° equity,ª thou¹ executestª° judgmentª and righteousnessª in Jacob.ª" {Psa 99:4} + "Greatª [is] our Lord,ª and of greatª power:ª his understandingª [is] infinite.ª¹" {Psa 147:5} + "He hath madeª° the earthª by his power,ª he hath establishedª° the worldª by his wisdom,ª and hath stretched outª° the heavensª by his discretion.ª" {Jer 10:12} + "Greatª in counsel,ª and mightyª in work:ª for¹ thine eyesª [are] openª° upon¹ all¹ the waysª of the sonsª of men:ª to giveª° every oneª according to his ways,ª and according to the fruitª of his doings:ª" {Jer 32:19} + "Butª unto themª which² are called,ª bothª Jewsª andª Greeks,ª Christª the powerª of God,ª andª the wisdomª of God.ª ... Andª base thingsª of the¹ world,ª andª things which are despised,ª° hath²° Godª chosen,ª° [yea], andª things¹ which² areª° not,ª to²¹ bring to noughtª° things that are:ª°" {1Co 1:24-28}
Heb. heart

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