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{Job 33:19} He is chastened 3198 z8717 also with pain 4341 upon x5921 his bed, 4904 and the multitude 7230 z8675 y7379 of his bones 6106 with strong 386 [pain]:
"Behold,¹ happyª [is] the manª whom Godª correcteth:ª° therefore despiseª° not¹ thou the chasteningª of the Almighty:ª ... For¹ he¹ maketh sore,ª° and bindeth up:ª° he woundeth,ª° and his handsª make whole.ª°" {Job 5:17-18} + "Thou shalt also considerª° inª thine heart,ª that,¹ as¹ a manª chastenethª°¹ his son,ª [so] the LORDª thy Godª chastenethª° thee." {Deu 8:5} + "Blessedª [is] the manª whom¹ thou chastenest,ª° O LORD,ª and teachestª° him out of thy law;ª¹" {Psa 94:12} + "Before¹ I¹ was afflictedª° I went astray:ª° but now¹ have I keptª° thy word.ª" {Psa 119:67} + "[It is] goodª for me that¹ I have been afflicted;ª° that¹ I might learnª° thy statutes.ª" {Psa 119:71} + "By thisª therefore¹ shall the iniquityª of Jacobª be purged;ª° and this¹ [is] all¹ the fruitª to take awayª° his sin;ª when he makethª° all¹ the stonesª of the altarª as chalkstonesª¹ that are beaten in sunder,ª° the grovesª and imagesª shall not¹ stand up.ª°" {Isa 27:9} + "Butª when we are judged,ª° we are chastenedª° ofª the Lord,ª that²°¹ we should²° not²¹ be condemnedª° withª the¹ world.ª" {1Co 11:32} + "As many asªª I¹ love,ª° I² rebukeª° andª chasten:ª° be zealousª° therefore,ª andª repent.ª°" {Rev 3:19}
"When¹ I lie down,ª° I say,ª° When¹ shall I arise,ª° and the nightª be gone?ª and I am fullª° of tossings to and froª unto¹ the dawning of the day.ª" {Job 7:4} + "His bonesª are fullª° [of the sin] of his youth,ª which shall lie downª° with¹ him in¹ the dust.ª" {Job 20:11} + "My bonesª are piercedª° in¹¹ me in the night season:ª and my sinewsª° take no rest.ª°¹" {Job 30:17} + "Then Asaª was wrothª° with¹ the seer,²°¹ and putª° him in a prisonª house;ª for¹ [he was] in a rageª with¹ him because of¹ this¹ [thing]. And Asaª oppressedª° [some] of¹ the peopleª the same¹ time.ª" {2Ch 16:10} + "And Asaª in the thirtyª and ninthª yearª of his reignª was diseasedª° in his feet,ª until¹ his diseaseª [was] exceedingª [great]: yet¹ in his diseaseª he soughtª° not¹¹ to the LORD,ª but¹ to the physicians.ª°" {2Ch 16:12} + "[[A Psalmª of David,ª to bring to remembrance.]]ª° O LORD,ª rebukeª° me not¹ in thy wrath:ª neither chastenª° me in thy hot displeasure.ª ... I am feebleª° and soreª¹ broken:ª° I have roaredª° by reason of the disquietnessª¹ of my heart.ª" {Psa 38:1-8} + "Have the godsª of the nationsª deliveredª° them which¹ my fathersª have destroyed,ª° [as]¹ Gozan,ª and Haran,ª and Rezeph,ª and the childrenª of Edenª which¹ [were] in Telassar?ª ... Where¹ [is] the kingª of Hamath,ª and the kingª of Arphad,ª and the kingª of the cityª of Sepharvaim,ª Hena,ª and Ivah?ª" {Isa 37:12-13}

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