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{Job 32:3} Also against his three 7969 friends 7453 was his wrath 639 kindled, 2734 z8804 because x5921 x834 they had found 4672 z8804 no x3808 answer, 4617 and [yet] had condemned 7561 z8686 x853 Job. 347
"So these¹ threeª men²¹ ceasedª° to answerª°¹¹ Job,ª because¹ he¹ [was] righteousª in his own eyes.ª" {Job 32:1} + "And if¹ [it be] not¹ [so] now,ª who¹ will make²° me a liar,ª° and makeª° my speechª nothing¹ worth?²" {Job 24:25} + "Dominionª° and fearª [are] with¹ him, he makethª° peaceª in his high places.ª ... How much less¹¹ man,ª [that is] a worm?ª and the sonª of man,ª [which is] a worm?ª" {Job 25:2-6} + "How¹ hast thou helpedª° [him that is] without¹ power?ª [how] savestª° thou the armª [that hath] noª strength?ª ... To¹ whom¹ hast thou utteredª° words?ª and whose¹ spiritª cameª° from¹ thee?" {Job 26:2-4}
and yet:
"If¹ thou¹ [wert] pureª and upright;ª surely¹ now¹ he would awakeª° for¹ thee, and make the habitationª of thy righteousnessª prosperous.ª°" {Job 8:6} + "For¹ the congregationª of hypocritesª [shall be] desolate,ª and fireª shall consumeª° the tabernaclesª of bribery.ª" {Job 15:34} + "[Is] not¹ thy wickednessª great?ª and thine iniquitiesª infinite?ª¹ ... He shall deliverª° the islandª of the innocent:ª and it is deliveredª° by the purenessª of thine hands.ª" {Job 22:5-30} + "Forª we have foundª° thisª manª [a] pestilentª [fellow], andª a moverª° of seditionª among allª the¹ Jewsª throughoutª the¹ world,ª andª a ringleaderª of the¹ sectª of the¹ Nazarenes:ª" {Act 24:5} + "Neitherª canª° they proveª°² the things² whereofª¹ they²° nowª accuseª° me.ª" {Act 24:13}

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