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{Job 28:25} To make 6213 z8800 the weight 4948 for the winds; 7307 and he weigheth 8505 z8765 the waters 4325 by measure. 4060
To make the weight:
etc. God has given an atmosphere to the earth, which, possessing a certain degree of gravity perfectly suited to the necessities of all animals, vegetables, and fluids, should be the cause, in His hands, of preserving animal and vegetable life; for by it the blood circulates in the veins of animals, and the juices in the tubes of vegetables. Without this atmospheric pressure there could be no respiration; and the elasticity of the particles of air in animal and vegetable bodies, would rupture the vessels in which they are contained, and destroy both kinds of life. "He causeth the vapoursª to ascendª° from the endsª¹ of the earth;ª he makethª° lightningsª for the rain;ª he bringethª° the windª out of his treasuries.ª¹" {Psa 135:7} + "Who¹ hath measuredª° the watersª in the hollow of his hand,ª and meted outª° heavenª with the span,ª and comprehendedª° the dustª of the earthª in a measure,ª and weighedª° the mountainsª in scales,ª and the hillsª in a balance?ª" {Isa 40:12}
he weigheth:
He has exactly proportioned the aqueous surface of the earth to the terrene parts, for the purpose of evaporation, etc.

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