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{Job 27:21} The east y6921 wind x6921 carrieth him away, 5375 z8799 and he departeth: y3212 z8799 x1980 and as a storm hurleth 8175 z8762 him out of his place. 4725 x4480
east wind:
"I will scatterª° them as with an eastª windª beforeª the enemy;ª° I will shewª° them the back,ª and not¹ the face,ª in the dayª of their calamity.ª" {Jer 18:17} + "Though¹ he¹ be fruitfulª° among¹ [his] brethren,ª an east windª shall come,ª° the windª of the LORDª shall come upª° from the wilderness,ª¹ and his springª shall become dry,ª° and his fountainª shall be dried up:ª° he¹ shall spoilª° the treasureª of all¹ pleasantª vessels.ª" {Hsa 13:15}
a storm:
"And Mosesª stretched forthª°¹ his rodª toward¹ heaven:ª and the LORDª sentª° thunderª and hail,ª and the fireª ran alongª° upon the ground;ª and the LORDª rainedª° hailª upon¹ the landª of Egypt.ª ... And the hailª smoteª° throughout all¹ the landª of Egyptª¹ all¹ that¹ [was] in the field,ª both manª¹ and beast;ª and the hailª smoteª° every¹ herbª of the field,ª and brakeª° every¹ treeª of the field.ª" {Exd 9:23-25} + "Upon¹ the wickedª he shall rainª° snares,ª fireª and brimstone,ª and an horribleª tempest:ª [this shall be] the portionª of their cup.ª" {Psa 11:6} + "Before¹ your potsª can feelª° the thorns,ª he shall take them away as with a whirlwind,ª° both¹ living,ª and in¹ [his] wrath.ª" {Psa 58:9} + "So¹ persecuteª° them with thy tempest,ª and make them afraidª° with thy storm.ª" {Psa 83:15} + "The LORDª [is] slowª to anger,ª and greatª in power,ª and will not at all²° acquitª°¹ [the wicked]: the LORDª hath his wayª in the whirlwindª and in the storm,ª and the cloudsª [are] the dustª of his feet.ª ... But with an overrunningª° floodª he will makeª° an utter endª of the placeª thereof, and darknessª shall pursueª° his enemies.ª°" {Nah 1:3-8} + "Andª the¹ rainª descended,ª° andª the¹ floods²¹ came,ª° andª the¹ windsª blew,ª° andª beat uponª° thatª house;ª andª it fell:ª° andª greatª wasª° the¹ fallª of it.ª" {Mtt 7:27}

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