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{Job 27:12} Behold, x2005 all x3605 ye yourselves x859 have seen 2372 z8804 [it]; why x4100 then are ye thus x2088 altogether 1892 vain? 1891 z8799
ye yourselves:
"For¹ ye say,ª° Where¹ [is] the houseª of the prince?ª and where¹ [are] the dwellingª placesª of the wicked?ª ... That¹ the wickedª is reservedª° to the dayª of destruction?ª they shall be brought forthª° to the dayª of wrath.ª" {Job 21:28-30} + "There isª a vanityª which¹ is doneª° upon¹ the earth;ª that¹ there be¹ justª [men], unto whom¹¹ it happenethª° according to the workª of the wicked;ª again, there beª wickedª [men], to¹ whom it happenethª°¹ according to the workª of the righteous:ª I saidª° that this alsoª¹¹ [is] vanity.ª" {Ecc 8:14} + "For¹¹ all¹ this¹ I consideredª° in¹ my heartª even to declareª°¹ all¹ this,¹ that¹ the righteous,ª and the wise,ª and their works,ª [are] in the handª of God:ª no¹ manª knowethª° eitherª loveª or¹ hatredª [by] all¹ [that is] beforeª them. ... This¹ [is] an evilª among all¹ [things] that¹ are doneª° under¹ the sun,ª that¹ [there is] oneª eventª unto all:¹ yea, also¹ the heartª of the sonsª of menª is fullª° of evil,ª and madnessª [is] in their heartª while they live,ª and afterª that [they go] to¹ the dead.ª°" {Ecc 9:1-3}
"How¹ forcibleª° are rightª words!ª but what¹ doth your arguingª° reprove?ª°¹ ... Return,ª° I pray you,¹ let it not¹ be¹ iniquity;ª yea, return¹ again,²°¹ my righteousnessª [is] in it." {Job 6:25-29} + "Butª ye¹ [are] forgersª° of lies,ª ye [are] all¹ physiciansª° of no value.ª ... Is it good²°¹ that¹ he should search you out?ª°¹ or¹ as one manª mockethª° another, do ye [so] mockª° him?" {Job 13:4-9} + "Shall vainª wordsª have an end?ª or¹ what¹ emboldenethª° thee that¹ thou answerest?ª°" {Job 16:3} + "[Are there] not¹ mockersª with¹ me? and doth not mine eyeª continueª° in their provocation?ª°" {Job 17:2} + "How long¹¹ will ye vexª° my soul,ª and break²° me in pieces¹ with words?ª ... These¹ tenª timesª have ye reproachedª° me: ye are not¹ ashamedª° [that] ye make yourselves strangeª° to me." {Job 19:2-3} + "Sufferª° me that I¹ may speak;ª° and after² that¹ I have spoken,ª° mock on.ª°" {Job 21:3} + "How¹ hast thou helpedª° [him that is] without¹ power?ª [how] savestª° thou the armª [that hath] noª strength?ª ... To¹ whom¹ hast thou utteredª° words?ª and whose¹ spiritª cameª° from¹ thee?" {Job 26:2-4}

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