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{Job 20:19} Because x3588 he hath oppressed 7533 z8765 [and] hath forsaken 5800 z8804 the poor; 1800 [because] he hath violently taken away 1497 z8804 an house 1004 which he builded 1129 z8799 not; x3808
"Behold,¹ I knowª° your thoughts,ª and the devicesª [which] ye wrongfully imagineª° against¹ me. ... For¹ ye say,ª° Where¹ [is] the houseª of the prince?ª and where¹ [are] the dwellingª placesª of the wicked?ª" {Job 21:27-28} + "For¹ thou hast taken a pledgeª° from thy brotherª for nought,ª and strippedª° the nakedª of their clothing.ª" {Job 22:6} + "[Some] removeª° the landmarks;ª they violently take awayª° flocks,ª and feedª° [thereof]. ... Menª groanª° from out of the city,ª¹ and the soulª of the woundedª crieth out:ª° yet Godª layethª° not¹ follyª [to them]." {Job 24:2-12} + "If¹ I did despiseª° the causeª of my manservantª or of my maidservant,ª when they contended²¹ with¹ me; ... [Then] let mine armª fallª° from my shoulder blade,ª¹ and mine armª be brokenª° from the bone.ª¹" {Job 31:13-22} + "If¹ my landª cryª° against¹ me, or that the furrowsª likewiseª thereof complain;ª° ... If¹ I have eatenª° the fruitsª thereof without¹ money,ª or have caused the ownersª thereof to loseª° their life:ª" {Job 31:38-39} + "By reason of the multitudeª¹ of oppressionsª they make [the oppressed] to cry:ª° they cry outª° by reason of the armª¹ of the mighty.ª" {Job 35:9} + "Behold,¹ here I [am]: witnessª° against me before¹ the LORD,ª and before¹ his anointed:ª whose¹¹ oxª have I taken?ª° or whose¹ assª have I taken?ª° or whom¹ have I defrauded?ª°¹ whom¹ have I oppressed?ª° or of whose handª¹¹ have I received¹ [any] bribeª to blindª° mine eyesª therewith? and I will restoreª° it you. ... And they said,ª° Thou hast not¹ defraudedª° us, nor¹ oppressedª° us, neither¹ hast thou takenª° oughtª of any man's² hand.ª¹¹" {1Sm 12:3-4} + "To judgeª° the fatherlessª and the oppressed,ª that the manª of¹ the earthª may no¹ moreª°¹ oppress.ª°" {Psa 10:18} + "For the oppressionª¹ of the poor,ª for the sighingª¹ of the needy,ª now¹ will I arise,ª° saithª° the LORD;ª I will setª° [him] in safetyª [from him that] puffethª° at him." {Psa 12:5} + "He that oppressethª° the poorª reproachethª° his Maker:ª° but he that honourethª° him hath mercyª° on the poor.ª" {Prv 14:31} + "Robª° not¹ the poor,ª because¹ he¹ [is] poor:ª neither¹ oppressª° the afflictedª in the gate:ª ... For¹ the LORDª will pleadª° their cause,ª and spoilª° the soulª of¹ those that spoiledª° them." {Prv 22:22-23} + "So I¹ returned,ª° and consideredª°¹ all¹ the oppressionsª that¹ are doneª° under¹ the sun:ª and behold¹ the tearsª of [such as were] oppressed,²°¹ and they had no¹ comforter;ª° and on the sideª¹ of their oppressorsª° [there was] power;ª but they had no¹ comforter.ª°" {Ecc 4:1} + "If¹ thou seestª° the oppressionª of the poor,ª° and violent² perverting¹ of judgmentª and justiceª in a province,ª marvelª° not¹ at¹ the matter:ª for¹ [he that is] higherª than¹¹ the highestª regardeth;ª° and [there be] higherª than¹ they.²" {Ecc 5:8} + "The peopleª of the landª have used¹ oppression,ª²° and exercisedª° robbery,ª and have vexedª° the poorª and needy:ª yea, they have oppressedª° the strangerª wrongfully.ª¹" {Ezk 22:29} + "Hearª° this¹ word,ª ye kineª of Bashan,ª that¹ [are] in the mountainª of Samaria,ª which oppressª° the poor,ª which crushª° the needy,ª which sayª° to their masters,ª Bring,ª° and let us drink.ª° ... And ye shall go outª° at the breaches,ª everyª [cow at that which is] before¹ her; and ye shall castª° [them] into the palace,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Ams 4:1-3} + "Butª yeª have despisedª° the¹ poor.ª Do²° notª rich menª oppressª° you,ª andª drawª²° youª beforeª the judgment seats?ª" {Jms 2:6} + "Forª he shall have judgmentª without mercy,ª that hath shewedª° noª mercy;ª andª mercyª rejoiceth againstª° judgment.ª" {Jms 2:13} + "Behold,ª° the¹ hireª of the¹ labourersª who² have reaped downª° yourª fields,ª which² is ofª youª kept back by fraud,ª° crieth:ª° andª the¹ cries²¹ of them which have reapedª° are enteredª° intoª the¹ earsª of the Lordª of sabaoth.ª" {Jms 5:4}
Heb. crushed, "The fruitª of thy land,ª and all¹ thy labours,ª shall a nationª which¹ thou knowestª° not¹ eat up;ª° and thou shalt be¹ only¹ oppressedª° and crushedª° alway:ª¹" {Deu 28:33} + "To crushª° under¹ his feetª all¹ the prisonersª of the earth,ª" {Lam 3:34}
he hath violently:
"It shall dwellª° in his tabernacle,ª because [it is] noneª¹ of his: brimstoneª shall be scatteredª° upon¹ his habitation.ª" {Job 18:15} + "[Some] removeª° the landmarks;ª they violently take awayª° flocks,ª and feedª° [thereof]." {Job 24:2} + "And thou shalt speakª° unto¹ him, saying,ª° Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Hast thou killed,ª° and also¹ taken possession?ª° And thou shalt speakª° unto¹ him, saying,ª° Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª In the placeª where¹ dogsª lickedª°¹ the bloodª of Nabothª shall dogsª lickª°¹ thy blood,ª even¹ thine.¹" {1Kg 21:19} + "For¹ the vineyardª of the LORDª of hostsª [is] the houseª of Israel,ª and the menª of Judahª his pleasantª plant:ª and he lookedª° for judgment,ª but behold¹ oppression;ª for righteousness,ª but behold¹ a cry.ª ... Woeª unto them that joinª° houseª to house,ª [that] layª° fieldª to field,ª till¹ [there be] noª place,ª that they may be placedª° alone¹ in the midstª of the earth!ª" {Isa 5:7-8} + "And they covetª° fields,ª and take [them] by violence;ª° and houses,ª and take [them] away:ª° so they oppressª° a manª and his house,ª even a manª and his heritage.ª" {Mic 2:2} + "The womenª of my peopleª have ye cast outª° from their pleasantª houses;ª¹ from¹¹ their childrenª have ye taken awayª° my gloryª for ever.ª" {Mic 2:9}

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