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{Job 9:34} Let him take y5493 z0 his rod y7626 away 5493 z8686 x7626 from x4480 x5921 me, and let not x408 his fear 367 terrify 1204 z8762 me:
let not:
"Shall not¹ his excellencyª make you afraid?ª° and his dreadª fallª° upon¹ you?" {Job 13:11} + "Only¹ doª° not¹ twoª [things] unto¹ me: then¹ will I not¹ hide²° myself¹ from¹¹ thee.² ... Then callª° thou, and I¹ will answer:ª° or¹ let me speak,ª° and answerª° thou me." {Job 13:20-22} + "Therefore¹¹ am I troubledª° at his presence:ª¹ when I consider,ª° I am afraidª° of¹ him." {Job 23:15} + "For¹ destructionª [from] Godª [was] a terrorª to¹ me, and by reason of his highnessª¹ I couldª° not¹ endure." {Job 31:23} + "Behold,¹ my terrorª shall not¹ make thee afraid,ª° neither¹ shall my handª be heavyª° upon¹ thee." {Job 33:7} + "At thisª also¹ my heartª trembleth,ª° and is moved¹ out²° of his place.ª¹" {Job 37:1} + "Removeª° thy strokeª away²° from¹¹ me: I¹ am consumedª° by the blowª¹ of thine hand.ª" {Psa 39:10} + "Who¹ knowethª° the powerª of thine anger?ª even according to thy fear,ª [so is] thy wrath.ª" {Psa 90:11}, but it is not so with me, Heb. but I am not so with myself, "Oh that²°¹ I were¹ as [in] monthsª past,ª as [in] the daysª [when] Godª preservedª° me; ... I chose²° out¹ their way,ª and satª° chief,ª and dweltª° as a kingª in the army,ª as¹ one [that] comfortethª° the mourners.ª" {Job 29:2-25}

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