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{Job 9:10} Which doeth 6213 z8802 great things 1419 past 369 x5704 finding out; 2714 yea, and wonders 6381 z8737 without x5704 x369 number. 4557
great things:
"Which doethª° great thingsª and unsearchable;ªª marvellous thingsª° without¹¹ number:ª" {Job 5:9} + "He dividethª° the seaª with his power,ª and by his understandingª° he smiteth²° through¹ the proud.ª ... Lo,¹ these¹ [are] partsª of his ways:ª but how¹ littleª a portionª is heardª° of him? but the thunderª of his powerª who¹ can understand?ª°" {Job 26:12-14} + "[Touching] the Almighty,ª we cannot¹ find him out:ª° [he is] excellentª in power,ª and in judgment,ª and in plentyª of justice:ª he will not¹ afflict.ª°" {Job 37:23} + "My mouthª shall shew forthª° thy righteousnessª [and] thy salvationª all¹ the day;ª for¹ I knowª° not¹ the numbersª [thereof]." {Psa 71:15} + "Blessedª° [be] the LORDª God,ª the Godª of Israel,ª who only¹ doethª° wondrous things.ª°" {Psa 72:18} + "He hath madeª°¹ every¹ [thing] beautifulª in his time:ª also¹ he hath setª°¹ the worldª in their heart,ª so that²¹ no¹¹ manª can find outª°¹ the workª that¹ Godª makethª° from the beginningª¹ to¹ the end.ª" {Ecc 3:11} + "Lift upª° your eyesª on high,ª and beholdª° who¹ hath createdª° these¹ [things], that bringeth outª° their hostª by number:ª he callethª° them all¹ by namesª by the greatnessª¹ of his might,ª for that [he is] strongª in power;ª not¹ oneª faileth.ª° ... Hast thou not¹ known?ª° hast thou not¹ heard,ª° [that] the everlastingª God,ª the LORD,ª the Creatorª° of the endsª of the earth,ª faintethª° not,¹ neither¹ is weary?ª° [there is] no¹ searchingª of his understanding.ª" {Isa 40:26-28} + "Oª the depthª of the richesª bothª of the wisdomª andª knowledgeª of God!ª howª unsearchableª [are] his²¹ judgments,ª andª his²¹ waysª past finding out!ª" {Rom 11:33} + "Nowª unto him that is ableª° to doª° exceeding² abundantlyªª¹ aboveª allª thatª we askª° orª think,ª° according¹ to² the¹ powerª that workethª° inª us,ª" {Eph 3:20}
"Who¹ [is] like unto thee,¹ O LORD,ª among the gods?ª who¹ [is] like thee,¹ gloriousª° in holiness,ª fearfulª° [in] praises,ª doingª° wonders?ª" {Exd 15:11} + "To him who alone¹ doethª° greatª wonders:ª° for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever.ª" {Psa 136:4} + "I thought² it goodª°¹ to shewª° the signsª and wondersª that¹ the highª Godª hath wroughtª° towardª me. ... Howª greatª [are] his signs!ª and howª mightyª [are] his wonders!ª his kingdomª [is] an everlastingª kingdom,ª and his dominionª [is] fromª generationª to generation.ª" {Dan 4:2-3}

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