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{Job 9:9} Which maketh 6213 z8802 Arcturus, 5906 Orion, 3685 and Pleiades, 3598 and the chambers 2315 of the south. 8486
"Canst thou bindª° the sweet influencesª of Pleiades,ª or¹ looseª° the bandsª of Orion?ª" {Job 38:31} + "Canst thou bring forthª° Mazzarothª in his season?ª or canst thou guideª° Arcturusª with¹ his sons?ª ... Who¹ providethª° for the ravenª his food?ª when¹ his young onesª cryª° unto¹ God,ª they wanderª° for lackª of meat.ª" {Job 38:32-41} + "And Godª madeª°¹ twoª greatª lights;ª¹ the greaterª lightª to ruleª the day,ª and the lesserª lightª to ruleª the night:ª [he made] the starsª also." {Gen 1:16} + "He tellethª° the numberª of the stars;ª he callethª° them all¹ by [their] names.ª" {Psa 147:4} + "[Seek him] that makethª° the seven starsª and Orion,ª and turnethª° the shadow of deathª into the morning,ª and maketh the day² darkª°¹ with night:ª that callethª° for the watersª of the sea,ª and poureth them outª° upon¹ the faceª of the earth:ª The LORDª [is] his name:ª" {Ams 5:8}
Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades:
Heb. Ash, Cesil, and Cimah, the chambers. "Who layeth the beamsª° of his chambersª in the waters:ª who makethª° the cloudsª his chariot:ª who walkethª° upon¹ the wingsª of the wind:ª" {Psa 104:3} + "He waterethª° the hillsª from his chambers:ª¹ the earthª is satisfiedª° with the fruitª¹ of thy works.ª" {Psa 104:13} + "And from thenceª we fetched a compass,ª° and cameª° toª Rhegium:ª andª afterª oneª dayª the south windª blew,ª° and we cameª° the next dayª toª Puteoli:ª" {Act 28:13}

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