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{Job 5:4} His children 1121 are far 7368 z8799 from safety, 3468 x4480 and they are crushed 1792 z8691 in the gate, 8179 neither x369 [is there] any to deliver 5337 z8688 [them].
"The roaringª of the lion,ª and the voiceª of the fierce lion,ª and the teethª of the young lions,ª are broken.ª° ... The old lionª perishethª° for lackª¹ of prey,ª and the stout lion'sª whelpsª are scattered abroad.ª°" {Job 4:10-11} + "If¹ thy childrenª have sinnedª° against him, and he have cast them awayª° forª their transgression;ª" {Job 8:4} + "His rootsª shall be dried upª° beneath,¹¹ and aboveª¹ shall his branchª be cut off.ª° ... He shall neither¹ have sonª nor¹ nephewª among his people,ª nor¹ any remainingª in his dwellings.ª" {Job 18:16-19} + "If¹ his childrenª be multiplied,ª° [it is] forª the sword:ª and his offspringª shall not¹ be satisfiedª° with bread.ª" {Job 27:14} + "Thou shalt not¹ bow down²° thyself¹ to them, nor¹ serveª° them: for¹ I¹ the LORDª thy Godª [am] a jealousª God,ª visitingª° the iniquityª of the fathersª upon¹ the childrenª unto¹ the thirdª and fourthª [generation] of them that hateª° me;" {Exd 20:5} + "Let his childrenª be¹ fatherless,ª and his wifeª a widow.ª ... Let them be¹ before¹ the LORDª continually,ª that he may cut offª° the memoryª of them from the earth.ª¹" {Psa 109:9-15} + "Salvationª [is] farª from the wicked:ª¹ for¹ they seekª° not¹ thy statutes.ª" {Psa 119:155} + "Happyª [is] the manª that¹ hath¹ his quiverª fullª° of¹ them: they shall not¹ be ashamed,ª° but¹ they shall speakª° with¹ the enemiesª° in the gate.ª" {Psa 127:5}
they are crushed:
"And, behold,¹ there cameª° a greatª windª fromª¹ the wilderness,ª and smoteª° the fourª cornersª of the house,ª and it fellª° upon¹ the young men,ª and they are dead;ª° and I¹ only¹ am escapedª° alone¹ to tellª° thee." {Job 1:19} + "Orª thoseª eighteen,ªªª uponª whomª the¹ towerª inª Siloamª fell,ª° andª slewª° them,ª think¹ ye²° thatª theyª wereª° sinnersª aboveª allª menª that dweltª° inª Jerusalem?ª ... I tellª° you,ª Nay:ª but,ª except²¹¹ ye repent,ª° ye shall²° allª likewiseª perish.ª°" {Lke 13:4-5}
"Thou knowestª that¹ I am not¹ wicked;ª° and [there is] none¹ that can deliverª° out of thine hand.ª¹" {Job 10:7} + "Lest¹ he tearª° my soulª like a lion,ª rending [it] in pieces,ª° while [there is] none¹ to deliver.ª°" {Psa 7:2}

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