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{Job 1:19} And, behold, x2009 there came 935 z8804 a great 1419 wind 7307 from 5676 x4480 the wilderness, 4057 and smote 5060 z8799 the four 702 corners 6438 of the house, 1004 and it fell 5307 z8799 upon x5921 the young men, 5288 and they are dead; 4191 z8799 and I x589 only x7535 am escaped 4422 z8735 alone x905 to tell 5046 z8687 thee.
a great:
"At that¹ timeª shall it be saidª° to this¹ peopleª and to Jerusalem,ª A dryª windª of the high placesª in the wildernessª toward² the daughterª of my people,ª not¹ to fan,ª° nor¹ to cleanse,ª° ... [Even] a fullª windª from those¹¹ [places] shall comeª° unto me: now¹ also¹ will I¹ giveª° sentenceª against them." {Jer 4:11-12} + "Whereinªª in time pastª ye walkedª° according¹ to² the¹ courseª of thisª world,ª according¹ to² the¹ princeª of the¹ powerª of the¹ air,ª the¹ spiritª that now² workethª°¹ inª the¹ childrenª of disobedience:ª" {Eph 2:2}
Heb. from aside, etc
it fell:
"And Samsonª said,ª° Let me¹ dieª°² with¹ the Philistines.ª And he bowedª° himself with [all his] might;ª and the houseª fellª° upon¹ the lords,ª and upon¹ all¹ the peopleª that¹ [were] therein. So the deadª° which¹ he slewª° at his deathª were¹ moreª than [they] which¹¹ he slewª° in his life.ª" {Jdg 16:30} + "But the restª° fledª° to Aphek,ª into¹ the city;ª and [there] a wallª fellª° upon¹ twentyª and sevenª thousandª of the menª [that were] left.ª° And Benhadadª fled,ª° and cameª° into¹ the city,ª into an inner² chamber.ª" {1Kg 20:30} + "Andª the¹ rainª descended,ª° andª the¹ floods²¹ came,ª° andª the¹ windsª blew,ª° andª beat uponª° thatª house;ª andª it fell:ª° andª greatª wasª° the¹ fallª of it.ª" {Mtt 7:27} + "² There¹ were presentª° atª that¹ seasonª² someª that toldª° himª ofª the¹ Galilaeans,ª whoseª bloodª Pilateª had mingledª° withª theirª sacrifices.ª ... I tellª° you,ª Nay:ª but,ª except²¹¹ ye repent,ª° ye shall²° allª likewiseª perish.ª°" {Lke 13:1-5} + "Andª whenª the¹ barbariansª sawª° the¹ [venomous] beastª hangª° onª his²¹ hand,ª they saidª° amongª themselves,ª No doubtª thisª manª isª° a murderer,ª whom,ª though he hath escapedª°² the¹ sea,ª yet vengeanceª sufferethª° notª to live.ª°" {Act 28:4}
they are dead:
"And they sentª°¹ the coatª of [many] colours,ª and they broughtª° [it] to¹ their father;ª and said,ª° This¹ have we found:ª° knowª° now¹ whether it¹ [be] thy son'sª coatª or¹ no.¹ ... And he knew¹ it,²° and said,ª° [It is] my son'sª coat;ª an evilª beastª hath devouredª° him; Josephª is without doubt²° rent in pieces.ª°" {Gen 37:32-33} + "And Jacobª their fatherª saidª° unto¹ them, Me have ye bereavedª° [of my children]: Josephª [is] not,¹ and Simeonª [is] not,¹ and ye will takeª° Benjaminª [away]: all¹ these things are¹ against¹ me." {Gen 42:36} + "And the kingª was much moved,ª° and went upª° to¹ the chamberª over the gate,ª and wept:ª° and as he went,²°¹ thus¹ he said,ª° O my sonª Absalom,ª my son,ª my sonª Absalom!ª would God¹¹ I¹ had diedª° for¹ thee,²° O Absalom,ª my son,ª my son!ª" {2Sm 18:33}

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