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{Job 1:18} While he x2088 [was] yet x5750 speaking, 1696 z8764 there came 935 z8802 also another, x2088 and said, 559 z8799 Thy sons 1121 and thy daughters 1323 [were] eating 398 z8802 and drinking 8354 z8802 wine 3196 in their eldest 1060 brother's 251 house: 1004
there came:
"Oh thatª my griefª were throughly²° weighed,ª° and my calamityª°² laidª° in the balancesª together!ª ... For¹ now¹ it would be heavierª° than the sandª¹ of the sea:ª therefore¹¹ my wordsª are swallowed up.ª°" {Job 6:2-3} + "He breakethª° me with breachª uponª¹ breach,ª he runnethª° upon¹ me like a giant.ª" {Job 16:14} + "He hath stripped²° me of¹¹¹ my glory,ª and takenª° the crownª [from] my head.ª ... He hath destroyedª° me on every side,ª and I am gone:²°¹ and mine hopeª hath he removedª° like a tree.ª" {Job 19:9-10} + "Even¹ to dayª [is] my complaintª bitter:ª my strokeª is heavierª° than¹ my groaning.ª" {Job 23:2} + "From the timeª¹ that it goeth forthª° it shall takeª° you: for¹ morningª by morningª shall it pass over,ª° by dayª and by night:ª and it shall be¹ a vexationª only¹ [to] understandª° the report.ª" {Isa 28:19} + "One postª° shall runª° to meetª° another,ª° and one messengerª° to meetª° another,ª° to shewª° the kingª of Babylonª that¹ his cityª is takenª° at [one] end,ª¹" {Jer 51:31} + "[Is it] nothing¹ to¹ you, all¹ ye that pass²° by?ª¹ behold,ª° and seeª° if¹ there beª any sorrowª like unto my sorrow,ª which¹ is doneª° unto me, wherewith¹ the LORDª hath afflictedª° [me] in the dayª of his fierceª anger.ª" {Lam 1:12} + "And I¹ also¹ have givenª° you cleannessª of teethª in all¹ your cities,ª and wantª of breadª in all¹ your places:ª yet have ye not¹ returnedª° unto¹ me, saithª° the LORD.ª ... I have overthrownª° [some] of you, as Godª overthrewª¹ Sodomª and Gomorrah,ª and ye were¹ as a firebrandª plucked¹ out²° of the burning:ª¹ yet have ye not¹ returnedª° unto¹ me, saithª° the LORD.ª" {Ams 4:6-11}
Thy sons:
"And his sonsª wentª° and feastedªª° [in their] houses,ª every oneª his day;ª and sentª° and calledª° for their threeª sistersª to eatª° and to drinkª° with¹ them." {Job 1:4} + "And there was¹ a dayª when his sonsª and his daughtersª [were] eatingª° and drinkingª° wineª in their eldestª brother'sª house:ª" {Job 1:13} + "If¹ thy childrenª have sinnedª° against him, and he have cast them awayª° forª their transgression;ª" {Job 8:4} + "If¹ his childrenª be multiplied,ª° [it is] forª the sword:ª and his offspringª shall not¹ be satisfiedª° with bread.ª" {Job 27:14} + "Manyª [are] the afflictionsª of the righteous:ª but the LORDª deliverethª° him out of them all.¹¹" {Psa 34:19} + "All¹ [things come] alike¹ to all:¹ [there is] oneª eventª to the righteous,ª and to the wicked;ª to the goodª and to the clean,ª and to the unclean;ª to him that sacrificeth,ª° and to him that² sacrificethª°¹ not:¹ as [is] the good,ª so [is] the sinner;ª° [and] he that sweareth,ª° as¹ [he] that feareth²¹ an oath.ª" {Ecc 9:2}
"Now Absalomª had commandedª°¹ his servants,ª saying,ª° Markª° ye now¹ when Amnon'sª heartª is merry²¹ with wine,ª and when I sayª° unto¹ you, Smiteª°¹ Amnon;ª then killª° him, fearª° not:¹ have not¹ I¹ commandedª° you? be courageous,ª° and be¹ valiant.ªª" {2Sm 13:28}

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