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{Job 1:10} Hast not x3808 thou x859 made an hedge 7753 z8804 about x1157 him, and about 1157 his house, 1004 and about x1157 all x3605 that x834 he hath on every side? 5439 x4480 thou hast blessed 1288 z8765 the work 4639 of his hands, 3027 and his substance 4735 is increased 6555 z8804 in the land. 776
an hedge:
"Afterª these¹ thingsª the wordª of the LORDª cameª° unto¹ Abramª in a vision,ª saying,ª° Fearª° not,¹ Abram:ª I¹ [am] thy shield,ª [and] thy exceedingª greatª° reward.ª" {Gen 15:1} + "The eternalª Godª [is thy] refuge,ª and underneath¹¹ [are] the everlastingª arms:ª and he shall thrust outª° the enemyª° from beforeª¹ thee; and shall say,ª° Destroyª° [them]." {Deu 33:27} + "They were¹ a wallª unto¹ us both¹ by nightª and¹ day,ª all¹ the whileª we were¹ with¹ them keepingª° the sheep.ª" {1Sm 25:16} + "For¹ thou,¹ LORD,ª wilt blessª° the righteous;ª with favourª wilt thou compassª° him as [with] a shield.ª" {Psa 5:12} + "The angelª of the LORDª encampethª° round aboutª them that fearª him, and deliverethª° them." {Psa 34:7} + "Why¹ hast thou [then] broken downª° her hedges,ª so that all¹ they which pass²° by¹ the wayª do pluckª° her?" {Psa 80:12} + "And he fencedª° it, and gathered out the stonesª° thereof, and plantedª° it with the choicest vine,ª and builtª° a towerª in the midstª of it, and also¹ madeª° a winepressª therein: and he lookedª° that it should bring forthª° grapes,ª and it brought forthª° wild grapes.ª" {Isa 5:2} + "And now¹ go to; I will tellª°¹ you¹ what¹ I¹ will doª° to my vineyard:ª I will take awayª° the hedgeª thereof, and it shall be¹ eaten up;ª° [and] break downª° the wallª thereof, and it shall be¹ trodden down:ª" {Isa 5:5} + "For I,¹ saithª° the LORD,ª will be¹ unto her a wallª of fireª round about,ª and will be¹ the gloryª in the midstª of her." {Zch 2:5} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª Afterª the gloryª hath he sentª° me unto¹ the nationsª which spoiledª° you: for¹ he that touchethª° you touchethª° the appleª of his eye.ª" {Zch 2:8} + "Who² are keptª° byª the powerª of Godª throughª faithª untoª salvationª readyª to be revealedª° inª the lastª time.ª" {1Pe 1:5}
"And it came to pass¹ from the timeª¹ [that] he had made him overseerª°¹ in his house,ª and over¹ all¹ that¹ he had,ª that the LORDª blessedª°¹ the Egyptian'sª houseª for Joseph's² sake;ª¹ and the blessingª of the LORDª was¹ upon all¹ that¹ he hadª in the house,ª and in the field.ª" {Gen 39:5} + "And all¹ these¹ blessingsª shall comeª° on¹ thee, and overtakeª° thee, if¹ thou shalt hearkenª° unto the voiceª of the LORDª thy God.ª ... Blessedª° [shalt] thou¹ [be] when thou comest in,ª° and blessedª° [shalt] thou¹ [be] when thou goest out.ª°" {Deu 28:2-6} + "Thou shalt increaseª° my greatness,ª and comfortª° me on every side.ª°" {Psa 71:21} + "[[A Songª of degrees.]]ª Blessedª [is] every one¹ that fearethª the LORD;ª that walkethª° in his ways.ª ... Behold,¹ that¹ thus¹ shall the manª be blessedª° that fearethª the LORD.ª" {Psa 128:1-4}
thou hast blessed:
"So the LORDª blessedª°¹ the latter endª of Jobª more than his beginning:ª¹ for he had¹ fourteenªª thousandª sheep,ª and sixª thousandª camels,ª and a thousandª yokeª of oxen,ª and a thousandª she asses.ª" {Job 42:12} + "Then Isaacª sowedª° in that¹ land,ª and receivedª° in the same¹ yearª an hundredfold:ªª and the LORDª blessedª° him." {Gen 26:12} + "For¹ [it was] littleª which¹ thou hadst¹ before¹ I² [came], and it is [now] increasedª° unto a multitude;ª and the LORDª hath blessedª° thee since my coming:ª and now¹ whenª shall I¹ provideª° for mine own houseª also?¹" {Gen 30:30} + "[Even] by the Godª¹ of thy father,ª who shall helpª° thee; and by² the Almighty,ª who shall blessª° thee with blessingsª of heavenª above,ª¹ blessingsª of the deepª that liethª° under,¹ blessingsª of the breasts,ª and of the womb:ª" {Gen 49:25} + "And he will loveª° thee, and blessª° thee, and multiplyª° thee: he will also blessª° the fruitª of thy womb,ª and the fruitª of thy land,ª thy corn,ª and thy wine,ª and thine oil,ª the increaseª of thy kine,ª and the flocksª of thy sheep,ª in¹ the landª which¹ he swareª° unto thy fathersª to giveª° thee." {Deu 7:13} + "Bless,ª° LORD,ª his substance,ª and acceptª° the workª of his hands:ª smite²° through¹ the loinsª of them that rise²° against¹ him, and of them that hateª° him, that¹ they rise²° not² again.ª°" {Deu 33:11} + "And let the beautyª of the LORD²¹ our Godª be¹ upon¹ us: and establishª° thou the workª of our handsª upon¹ us; yea, the workª of our handsª establishª° thou it." {Psa 90:17} + "He blessethª° them also, so that they are multipliedª° greatly;ª and suffereth²° not¹ their cattleª to decrease.ª°" {Psa 107:38} + "The blessingª of the LORD,ª it¹ maketh rich,ª° and he addethª° no¹ sorrowª with¹ it." {Prv 10:22}
or, cattle, "And the manª increasedª° exceedingly,ª and had¹ muchª cattle,ª and maidservants,ª and menservants,ª and camels,ª and asses.ª" {Gen 30:43}

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