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{Job 1:5} And it was x1961 so, when x3588 the days 3117 of [their] feasting 4960 were gone about, 5362 z8689 that Job 347 sent 7971 z8799 and sanctified 6942 z8762 them, and rose up early 7925 z8689 in the morning, 1242 and offered 5927 z8689 burnt offerings 5930 [according] to the number 4557 of them all: x3605 for x3588 Job 347 said, 559 z8804 It may be 194 that my sons 1121 have sinned, 2398 z8804 and cursed 1288 z8765 God 430 in their hearts. 3824 Thus x3602 did 6213 z8799 Job 347 continually. 3117 x3605
"When he raiseth upª¹ himself, the mighty²¹ are afraid:ª° by reason of breakingsª¹ they purify²° themselves.¹" {Job 41:25} + "Then Jacobª saidª° unto¹ his household,ª and to¹ all¹ that¹ [were] with¹ him, Put awayª°¹ the strangeª godsª that¹ [are] among¹ you,² and be clean,ª° and changeª° your garments:ª ... And let us arise,ª° and go upª° to Bethel;ª and I will makeª° there¹ an altarª unto God,ª who answeredª° me in the dayª of my distress,ª and was¹ with¹ me in the wayª which¹ I went.ª°" {Gen 35:2-3} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Go²°¹ unto¹ the people,ª and sanctifyª° them to dayª and to morrow,ª and let them washª° their clothes,ª" {Exd 19:10} + "And he said,ª° Peaceably:ª I am comeª° to sacrificeª° unto the LORD:ª sanctify²° yourselves,¹ and comeª° with¹ me to the sacrifice.ª And he sanctifiedª°¹ Jesseª and his sons,ª and calledª° them to the sacrifice.ª" {1Sm 16:5} + "And the priestsª and the Levitesª purified²° themselves,¹ and purifiedª°¹ the people,ª and the gates,ª and the wall.ª" {Neh 12:30} + "Andª the¹ Jews'ª passoverª wasª° nigh at hand:ª andª manyª went²° out of² the country² up²¹¹¹¹ to¹ Jerusalemª beforeª the¹ passover,ª toª purifyª° themselves.ª" {Jhn 11:55}
rose up:
"And Abrahamª rose up earlyª° in the morning,ª and saddledª°¹ his ass,ª and tookª°¹ twoª of his young menª with¹ him, and Isaacª his son,ª and claveª° the woodª for the burnt offering,ª and rose up,ª° and went²°¹ unto¹ the placeª of which¹ Godª had toldª° him." {Gen 22:3} + "My voiceª shalt thou hearª° in the morning,ª O LORD;ª in the morningª will I directª° [my prayer] unto thee, and will look up.ª°" {Psa 5:3} + "Whatsoever¹¹ thy handª findethª° to do,ª° doª° [it] with thy might;ª for¹ [there is] no¹ work,ª nor device,ª nor knowledge,ª nor wisdom,ª in the grave,ª whither¹¹ thou¹ goest.ª°" {Ecc 9:10}
"Therefore takeª° unto you now¹ sevenª bullocksª and sevenª rams,ª and go²°¹ to¹ my servantª Job,ª and offer upª° for¹ yourselves a burnt offering;ª and my servantª Jobª shall prayª° for¹ you: for¹¹ himª will I accept:ª° lest¹ I dealª° with¹ you [after your] folly,ª in that¹ ye have not¹ spokenª° of¹ me [the thing which is] right,ª° like my servantª Job.ª" {Job 42:8} + "And Noahª buildedª° an altarª unto the LORD;ª and tookª° of every¹¹ cleanª beast,ª and of every¹¹ cleanª fowl,ª and offeredª° burnt offeringsª on the altar.ª" {Gen 8:20} + "And Jethro,ª Moses'ª father in law,ª° tookª° a burnt offeringª and sacrificesª for God:ª and Aaronª came,ª° and all¹ the eldersª of Israel,ª to eatª° breadª with¹ Moses'ª father in lawª° beforeª God.ª" {Exd 18:12} + "And he sentª°¹ young menª of the childrenª of Israel,ª which offeredª° burnt offerings,ª and sacrificedª° peaceª offeringsª of oxenª unto the LORD.ª" {Exd 24:5} + "If¹ his offeringª [be] a burnt sacrificeª of¹ the herd,ª let him offerª° a maleª without blemish:ª he shall offerª° it of his own voluntary willª at¹ the doorª of the tabernacleª of the congregationª beforeª the LORD.ª ... And he shall flayª°¹ the burnt offering,ª and cutª° it into his pieces.ª" {Lev 1:3-6}
"And Elijahª tookª° twelveªª stones,ª according to the numberª of the tribesª of the sonsª of Jacob,ª unto¹ whom¹ the wordª of the LORDª came,¹ saying,ª° Israelª shall be¹ thy name:ª" {1Kg 18:31} + "Thenª Paulª tookª° the¹ men,ª and the¹ nextª° dayª purifying¹ himself²° withª themª enteredª° intoª the¹ temple,ª to signifyª° the¹ accomplishmentª of the¹ daysª of purification,ª untilª thatª an offeringª should be offeredª° forª everyª oneª of them.ª" {Act 21:26}
It may be:
"Forª I am jealousª° over youª with godlyª jealousy:ª forª I have espousedª° youª to oneª husband,ª that I may presentª° [you as] a chasteª virginª to Christ.ª" {2Co 11:2}
"Butª put forthª° thine handª now,¹ and touchª° all¹ that¹ he hath, and¹ he will curseª°² thee to¹ thy face.ª" {Job 1:11} + "Then saidª° his wifeª unto him, Dost thou still¹ retainª° thine integrity?ª curseª° God,ª and die.ª°" {Job 2:9} + "And the sonª of an Israelitishª woman,ª whose¹ fatherª¹ [was] an Egyptian,ª² went outª° amongª the childrenª of Israel:ª² and this sonª of the Israelitishª [woman] and a manª of Israel²¹ strove togetherª° in the camp;ª ... And he that blasphemethª° the nameª of the LORD,ª he shall surely²° be put to death,ª° [and] all¹ the congregationª shall certainly²° stoneª° him: as well the stranger,ª as he that is born in the land,ª when he blasphemethª° the nameª [of the LORD], shall be put to death.ª°" {Lev 24:10-16} + "And setª° twoª men,²¹ sonsª of Belial,ª before¹ him, to bear witness²° against¹ him, saying,ª° Thou didst blasphemeª° Godª and the king.ª And [then] carry him out,ª° and stoneª° him, that he may die.ª°" {1Kg 21:10} + "And there came²° in¹ twoª men,²¹ childrenª of Belial,ª and satª° before¹ him: and the men²¹ of Belialª witnessed²° against¹ him, [even] against¹ Naboth,ª in the presence¹ of the people,ª saying,ª° Nabothª did blasphemeª° Godª and the king.ª Then they carried him forthª° out² of¹¹ the city,ª and stonedª° him with stones,ª that he died.ª°" {1Kg 21:13}
in their hearts:
"And GODª sawª° that¹ the wickednessª of manª [was] greatª in the earth,ª and [that] every¹ imaginationª of the thoughtsª of his heartª [was] onlyª evilª continually.ª¹" {Gen 6:5} + "O Jerusalem,ª washª° thine heartª from wickedness,ª¹ that¹ thou mayest be saved.ª° How long¹¹ shall thy vainª thoughtsª lodgeª° withinª thee?" {Jer 4:14} + "The heartª [is] deceitfulª above all¹¹ [things], and desperately wicked:ª° who¹ can knowª° it? ... I¹ the LORDª searchª° the heart,ª [I] tryª° the reins,ª even to giveª° every manª according to his ways,ª [and] according to the fruitª of his doings.ª" {Jer 17:9-10} + "Forª from within,ª out ofª the¹ heartª of men,ª proceedª° evilª thoughts,ª adulteries,ª fornications,ª murders,ª ... Allª theseª evil thingsª comeª° from within,ª andª defileª° the¹ man.ª" {Mrk 7:21-23} + "Repentª° thereforeª ofª thisª thyª wickedness,ª andª prayª° God,ª ifª perhapsª the¹ thoughtª of thineª heartª may be forgivenª° thee.ª" {Act 8:22} + "Thereforeª judgeª° nothingªª beforeª the time,ª untilªª the¹ Lordª come,ª° whoª bothª will bring to lightª° the¹ hidden thingsª of darkness,ª andª will make manifestª° the¹ counselsª of the¹ hearts:ª andª thenª shall every manª haveª° praiseª ofª God.ª" {1Co 4:5}
"Will he delight²° himself¹ in¹ the Almighty?ª will he alwaysª¹ call²° upon¹ God?ª" {Job 27:10}
Heb. all the days, "Inª holinessª andª righteousnessª beforeª him,ª allª the¹ daysª of ourª life.ª" {Lke 1:75} + "Andª shall²° notª Godª avengeª¹ his own²¹ elect,ª²° which² cryª° dayª andª nightª untoª him,ª thoughª he bear longª° withª them?ª" {Lke 18:7} + "Prayingª° alwaysªª²¹ with²¹ allª prayerª andª supplicationª inª the Spirit,ª andª watchingª° thereuntoªªª withª allª perseveranceª andª supplicationª forª allª saints;ª" {Eph 6:18}

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